Saturday, October 20, 2012

It Went Okay-ish.

"Next group to present ....*

Dup. Dup. Dup.





Heads turned to look at our group. Applauses from friends, so "excited" for us. I gave a weak smile and made my way through the chairs, all occupied as I muttered a dozen excuse me's and sorry's before reaching the lecturer.

In a soft, practiced line I told her that there was some miscommunication and we don't have the required summary but we can hand it in as soon as we can today.

"Hand it in on Monday."

Which means the summary will only be done on Sunday night.

Change of plan: Proposal's deadline been changed from next week to the first day back from term break. Which means I'll be worried about school even during my mid term break.

Oh joy.


Mark said...

Well it's good you got a little bit of an extension. Get it done as soon as you can and it's a worry out of the way so you can enjoy the break.

Laila N Mysis said...

O_O It's weird, isn't it, 'cause in my perspective, yeah an extension would be nice, I do like delaying the inevitable doom, but I also don't want it prolonged. Well, I second Mark, hope all goes swell...


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