Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Week is a Month Long to Me.

My mid semester break starts next Wednesday and I think just to get to that day, I'll be on the verge of bursting into tears of frustation plenty of time. I don't know if the previous semesters I was more relaxed and better at ignoring the work I need to do or this semester, its just too heavy for me.

Let's see.

Everytime I get free time in my room, I'll be thinking of what I need to do.

Study for that professional exam in December which makes me get a tummyache at the thought of it. Dad has registered me for it and well, the cost of it makes me gulp. *coughs*151USD*coughs*

Do any reading, writing for my Final Year Project. I got enough things to whine about this particular project but for the sake of not wanting to blergh, I can't even say it, I'm not gonna post about it on here.

Write up my assignments which need tons of reading and searching. Why did I ever whined about my calculation-based work before? All this in-text citation and shit is a big big big pain in the ass for me.

Study, read up for other subjects aka the super neglected subjects.

And the deadlines.

This thursday, presentation on the FYP's lit review. My fear is that its going to be rejected by our supervisor in a meet-up later this day.

Next Tuesday, I need to submit two written reports on such such dry topics aka financial impacts of Malaysia Budget 2013 and issues about EPF and Pension. I've only written the first one, which is 60% crap and me just using my great writing and elaborating skills to increase the word count.

On the same day, the FYP's proposal need to be submitted which also, needed to be approved by our supervisor.

For next week's deadline, its actually from Tuesday till Thursday but I tell myself its Tuesday because it will make me do my work even more.

By the time the holiday starts, I'll be full of nerves. But ... thankfully Dad and Mama have something planned for this break.

This morning, I was up early and the family picked me up before heading to the place where you get your passport made/renewed.

Oooh, where am I going?



More like Universal Studios Singapore.

Go google it. And I'm going back to reading up journals. Tonight, I'll study for the exam for the first time in a week.



Mark said...

Well Universal Studios will probably be fun. What you're going to be doing before then doesn't sound so fun though. Ouch :(

Laila N Mysis said...

D'aw, I feel ya :/ I really do. I can't compare, but I have a crazy list of things that are weighing me down too. Annnnd, my friend Linchy went there - Universal Studious Singapore, I mean - and she says it's tres epique, so you're in for a superdy fantastic treat ;)


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