Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Lil Debate.

Earlier this week we had to debate as our class activity in the afternoon. It started from the fact that the last chapter in our Advanced Business Result book was entitled Persuasion.

That day's activity was interesting, where we had to convince someone of something and try to sell something to another. Yes, this is the British Council class. Before the lunch break our instructor told us that we will do a debate, and everyone had to speak.

The class was divided into two and my group chose to do .... Euthanasia. I was in the For part so during lunch we read up some pdf and made notes and they aka my team mates said I will do the rebut.

Let me tell you guys something about debates. It gets personal for me. Especially if I actually believe in the topic. Which is why I took Public Speaking as an elective, instead of Debate.

So, Euthanasia. For me, the only arguments against it are either religion based or human rights based. And being me, I managed to give a rebut taken from the opposition's rebut.

1. Everyone has a different level of tolerance against pain. The doctor doesn't know if the patient is withstanding the pain or not. Hence, we might end the life of someone who is actually not in agonising please-kill-me pain.

Seriously. I can see the flaw in that from the word tolerance. I simply said that yes, everyone is different but its the person who is feeling the pain. Not the doctor. Not the family members. Who are we to say no to a patient in a dire situation?

2. The religion angle.

My defense on this was about how I believe that every religion is the same in terms of wanting their believers to be decent people. But what is decent about letting someone suffer in pain, watch them beg and not do anything about it (this does not include medicine and treatment. I mean this after all of that has been done and still, the pain is there).

I saw some classmates in the other group nodded at that. My hands were shaking after I said my piece. When the instructor asked the other group to vote, we got a whopping 9 out of 11 votes because our points were more convincing.

The other group debated on same sex marriage. It was interesting.

Now, I know some of you might have been disagreeing with what I have said but as my friend said, a debate is rarely right and wrong. It is about the points and how they were said.


Mark said...

Well I do agree with euthanasia and I think you made some pretty good points. If anything, people having different pain tolerances and being able to put up with different levels of stuff is a pro in my book. You can't judge someone's pain on the pain of another. You also raised an excellent point as far as religion goes.

Laila N Mysis said...

Oh, oh, oh, I love debates too. Unfortunately I can't do topics like this because I can only argue on religious grounds. I mean, I've been made to do argue for euthanasia before, and hey, I got an A. But still, religion wise, I still have to disagree, otherwise I just feel all wrong.

I mean, Islamically, every second we get on this earth is precious. And it can be painful, but the point is to never give up and keep having faith. When you are ill, to whatever extent, as long as you keep having faith, keep praying, it's supposed to act as an expiation, a purification for you.

And it's not supposed to be easy either. I sat in the room, I forgot what it was called exactly, but it's the place they send you when you are going to die in the immediate future, and I sat there when my friend's father was dying. Cancer was eating him inside, he hadn't been eating or drinking for a week, he couldn't speak, he was vomiting up blood, he was completely delirious and so incredibly weak, and the whole time they just took turns - mother, daughters, sisters, nephews - sitting by his side, playing the Qu'ran on tape, reminding him of the shahadah, reciting by his side, on him, etc, and oh my God it was so hard to watch, and I was just the bystander.

He was definitely going to die, and he was in so much pain, but not for one second would I consider them as being 'indecent'. They did their best. I mean, all I have to think about is his wife, just sitting there holding his hand and murmuring all these loving nicknames while she tried to feed him even though his oesophogus and his stomach were long gone, and I cannot imagine someone calling her cruel for not ending it sooner.

But I argue this on the grounds that I believe nothing in this life is going to be equal to whatever comes in the next - whether it be reward or punishment. This world is supposed to be nothing - a drop in the ocean - right?

And even if I'm on my last legs and I'm screaming with agony, I sincerely hope my family don't listen and keep me alive for as long as God wills. But then I KNOW that I can't argue euthanasia like this for everyone, 'cause everyone doesn't believe in the same thing, and I can't just impose this on others. It's sort of like... I'm pro-death penalty if it's done the right way, because I believe in justice in the sense that as long as we do our best here, God will compensate for our failings in the next life. But you can't tell that to someone who doesn't believe it.

So yeah :/ Interesting indeed. Now I'm in the mood for a debate... something I can actually argue without worrying who believes in the same things and who doesn't -_-'

Brendan Raymond said...

Good job with your rebuttal. Tough issue.

In my opinion, I don't think it should be illegal. I don't think it should be widely or easily available, but I think that if someone is suffering on an extreme level and they are going to die - there is no hope for them, as such - then I think that if they do want that, that option should be there.

There is the issue that that does mean it doesn't allow for miraculous recovery, as such - there are people who have amazingly recovered from terrible spots, and are medical miracles. And I know at least one of those - I think it would be sad to think that someone who could recover got euthanised because people lost hope.

Then, yes, there is the angle of religion; but I think you're pretty much on the money there. If the person is suffering and they don't want to be euthanised because of a religious reason, then that is their decision, and to be respected. But someone who doesn't have that issue shouldn't be impeded by other people who do have it.

But yes, I think that aside from the points I've raised, there shouldn't be a problem with the idea of euthanasia being legal.

Also, thinking this may end up being the longest discussion you've had on your blog, Hanis. Don't know whether that's a good thing or not....

Furree Katt said...

Hi Hanis. Sorry for being MIA! I've got so much to catch up on from your blog. Missed you loads.


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