Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blue Checkered Boy.

Blue checkered boy of the elegant script,
Your shoulder imprinted briefly on mine.
With sleep haunting those droopy hooded eyes,
Wisps of coffee with every word,
I became entangled at every syllable,
Unaware of the mess that lay between.

Blue checkered boy of the jaded tenor,
The lines of your silhouette in the corner of my eye.
Fingertips stained with ink and nicotine,
Igniting flames and my imagination.
I am lured like the clueless firefly to a paragon of beauty,
The veil of a tormented soul.

Blue checkered boy of the languid movement,
The lazy curve of your smile sends a shiver
Down the length of my back.
Such ignorance of the power you hold,
Of the destruction that awaits
Any interest that may lie in you.


Mark said...

I think a lot of boys like this are sadly all too aware of the power they hold and how to use it. If this is a boy who is still in your life then I advise listening to your heart on this one.

Laila N Mysis said...

I'm glad the anti-muse seems to have abandoned you ^_^ I'm sure many girls can relate to this poem, even if it's about a specific someone.


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