Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two Thousand Thirteen.

Two thousand thirteen. 

I wish to lay a bouquet of water lilies upon your tombstone. Write a beautiful eulogy that will bring tears to the attendants of your funeral. 

Thank you for the new chapters of my life. I am no longer a student, knee deep in complicated formulas. I am no longer that scared little girl, clinging on to the familiar. If I were to write all the chapters it would be cross genres. 

Thank you for the new relationships. Well, some died. Some grew. And some .. remained frozen in time. I learned that there is no reason to settle for less. To be more open in a friendship. To .. choose which facets of your personality to be shown. 

Thank you for the new self esteem. I have taken steps to improve it. I am more aware of the ways to improve myself. Learned that loving myself, comes first. For the man who does not himself, cannot value others. 

Thank you for the .. sadness. Those moments had taught me so much. 

Two thousand thirteen. 

I hope your successor shall carry on the efforts you made. Be a better year, in so many ways. I shall look back and think of you in fondness. 


Launna said...

WOW Hanis, I am not so sure I will look back with fondness on 2013... I hope that one day I can see the good in the challenges I dealt with... maybe one day.

Great writing as usual ....

Happy New Year, I hope 2014 is amazing for you :)

Laila N Mysis said...

Haha... well, okay, I'm not sure why I had to laugh, but I like your farewell to 2013. Most unique one I've read so far. I'm glad you're looking back optimistically, and I hope the new year brings more love, strength, and crazy adventures your way ♥♥♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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