Monday, March 17, 2014

Needed: Someone Who Knows.

I disappear again, but here I am, with a plea.


I'm planning to go to Istanbul in November. Early November because my initial plan of doing it mid October is spoiled by the increase of ticket's price and the more expensive accommodations.

But by delaying the trip for two weeks, I'll be able to save around 700 ringgit. Provided that I buy the tickets this week, in fear of those increasing as well.


Based on my research, it would be cold-ish and rain-ish. But there are different opinions on the number of tourists by then. Some say it would be less, some say it would still be the same as the months before.

And being the control freak, I just love researching every single detail and planning it out.

Which is why I'm making a plea here.

If anyone reading this lives in Istanbul/Turkey or have been there or know anyone else who lives/has been there, do contact me via comments or

No, I'm not asking to be given free boarding. 

I think it would be easier if I can ask few people directly the questions regarding this upcoming trip rather than just relying it on Google.

Thank you.


Launna said...

Good luck on your upcoming trip ♡

rasyidah yusof said...

Hanis!!! That is so awesome. Istanbul is one of my list of city to visit.

Especially their foods, ice-cream, hagia sophia, awesome architecture and of course their Islamic civilization history.

Tons of my friends had been to Turkey. but one that I remember was on July 2012 I guess. She said the climate was cold and windy yet sunny. Clear sky. Blazing sun. You have to wear shade.

Their souvenirs are quite expensive maybe bcoz of the currency rate. 1 Lira = RM2 (pardon if I'm wrong)

She took a package RM4500 for 1 week. 5 different hotels, meals included. She said RM500 pocket money was not enough.

I hope I could help u Hanis. but that's roughly what I've remember.
Have fun dear.

Hanis. said...

I am going there for the food. And pashminas. Hahaha. Its always been one of the places I wanna visit cause there is some religious origin to it and places like that always bring tears to my eyes.

I checked some websites for the temperature and all. Pretty cold in Nov but rates will be cheaper then. And hey, I can get the chance to look chic in a coat and sunnies.

Woah. Did that include flight tix? My friend and I are choosing to not take a package because we want to do it at our own pace. Haha

500 is not enough? Noted. Thankfully both of us already like a travel fund. Haha. The current rate is about 1 lira is 1.5 ringgit. But of course it will fluctuate.

Thank you so much ♥

Hanis. said...

Thank yoh ♥


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