Friday, April 4, 2014

The Effects of Project Runway.

Things that people find suprising about me:

1. I adore Project Runway

2. I adore tv shows about women trying to find the perfect wedding dress.

3. I have a folder in my gallery full of pictures of wedding dresses.

4. I know there is a collection of wedding dresses inspired by Disney princesses.

Which is why when Mama came home last Sunday from the fabric store with these lovely fabrics for me; I went a bit crazy and chose the mustard and red.

I browsed Pinterest, searching for:

Muslimah fashion. Muslimah dresses. Muslimah fashionista

So many ideas.

I ignored that those clothes were modelled on women who only weigh half of what I do.

I remembered that I took a picture of a dress I saw in December. It was a combination of two things I adore: Mustard yellow and trench coat.


But the store that made it only caters to non plus sizes, and said:

"We only have up till L"

In a snotty voice. While looking down their noses at me.

So I wondered if the fabric Mama bought would do, but I doubt so. I then opened my book and sketched how a dress can adapt trench coat-ness:

The collar. The two rows of buttons, tartan patterned in brown and beige.

I remembered the red fabric. Should I make it into another dress, or a baju kurung. Especially cause I just bought a royal purple A-line dress with pink white laces on the sleeves and plan to get another dress made from nude coloured fabric with some intricate designs on the sleeves and hem.

And then I started to think how to make the red outfit less plain. Laces. But not in the way they are used in dresses these days: Sleeves, hems and waistlines.

What if I trim the collar with lace, and then let the lace go down the line where buttons usually are and let it end in an arc around the waist?

White lace.

Shawls. What would match such redness. And such mustardness. Colour blocks.


What is happening to me?


Launna said...

These fabrics are beautiful, I love the sheen to them.

I am sure they will be lovely in any item you make it into :)

By the way... people that look their nose down on you because of a size... they need to get over themselves... who do they think they are... you are beautiful and deserve to be treated sweetly not judging because of a size.

I am sure you will make something more beautiful than what they sell :)

Hanis. said...

Thanks Launa :) That is so sweet of you.

and yeah. I dont like salespeople like that. I am only asking a legit question. In fact, I was asking the price when they told me that.

And awwwwww. Thank you, you're so sweet.

And I hope so. Going to see the tailor this Sundayy.

Laila N Mysis said...

I gotta say, I'm a sucker for pretty dresses too =^_^= I don't do makeup or fancy hijabs, and I'm happy with no shoes at all... But dresses. Pretty clothes... *sigh*

I absolutely cannot wait to see what you concoct with those gorgeous fabrics. Disney wedding dresses? Girl, you can be the first to throw 'Islamic' before that. It'll be ahmayzing x)

Beauty And A Burqa said...

Omg thats like me! Haha i love project runway tooooo xx


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