Monday, July 21, 2014

Confession No. 66

Its 9 minutes to midnight and I wish you are here with me, fingers reaching in the space between us for the warmth I have aplenty.

I wish I can feel your grip, in the spaces between my fingers, or the emptiness woven in my soul. To close my eyes and be sure of your presence, even with the distance between us.

Its 5 minutes to midnight and I wish you are talking to me as I curl up under the soft blanket. To hear your voice telling me of the most mundane plans, of the most desired feelings.

I wish I can hear that connection in your voice, the tremble that lay underneath your words and laughter. To be able to detect the emotions, as I fall asleep slowly with the sun high above your head.

Its 2 minutes to midnight and I wish for this yearning of an unknown person to leave me. So I can stretch these limbs and not feel as if I am missing a piece of myself.

I wish I don't have to wait for much longer, for the exact moment you say my name in such a way that leaves me breathless. With realisation that the time has come. That the wait is over.

Its 2 minutes past midnight and I wish slumber upon me.

Go to sleep, my dear. For the wait is not ending tonight.

Perhaps, tomorrow.


Launna said...

I often count down the minutes... hoping to feel some of the things you write here... lately I have given up feeling them but I will want them again... one day...

Laila N Mysis said...

For the first time in my life, I think I'm going to start relating to these posts. Sort of.


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