Thursday, February 5, 2015

After Hong Kong.

Good morning Malaysia.

I am currently at my desk in the office. 24 hours ago, I was still in Hong Kong and busy trying to cram everytime into my luggage.

I was in Hong Kong for 5 days 4 nights and it was fun. Here are some observations:

1. Google Maps is very very helpful. Trust me on this.

2. The train system is amazing.

3. If you like beauty products, you would go crazy seeing all the Sasa stores.

4. Halal food is available, but most are of the South Asia type, with some Arab food. I have no idea what's the usual price range for non halal food but the halal ones are quite pricey.

5. So, bring lots of bread, biscuits, tuna spread, instant noodles and so on.

I shall go in more details after I finish my Istanbul posts which is taking time because the pictures are in my brother's computer and its hard to choose and copy and paste using my phone.

Hong Kong posts, will be more helpful as in directions wise and so on.

Okay, time to not fall asleep.


Laila N Mysis said...

You. You. Do you do this to spite me??

(Because the world totally revolves around me.)

Launna said...

Hanis... it is so great that you were able to go to Hong Kong... I can imagine that 5 days was not near enough time to see all that you wanted to see... it is such a huge city... wow... very nice xox

Hanis. said...

Totally. Just to give you a lil push so you would go travel :p


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