Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm About a Week Late With This One.

July has always been the month of the year for me. From the start, the no.1 reason is for the simple fact that its my birthday month. Yes, I'm a July baby, a Leo who's not all that proud and obvious of being an attention seeking self-centered whore. *coughs*25th*coughs*

No one in my immediate family shares the same month though all four of us were born in a month starting with J. The closest is my cousin who celebrates her birthday a week before mine. A funny story is that during the year Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out (the book) we both got the same present, neither parents knowing it. That didn't stop Dad from saying how he could have saved some money if they made us share the book.

When I started uni, July became the month of a new semester. It was, exciting for me in the same way I was excited for the start of a new school year. Yes, I was that weird. I even read my text books the moment my parents bought them back then. A bit of Hermione Granger there.

Then, for two years in a row, July became a sad month, relationship wise. The first year, I hurt someone so badly at the end of June that I was wrecked by guilt the whole month of July. The second year, as you guys might know from previous posts (Hint: Read last July's posts) my July was spent mostly to heal myself. I was a wreck, yes, I've told this before many times.

This year, I aim to spend this month happily. Perhaps with a nice gift. A nice birthday dinner. Some wishes. Losing some pounds. A compliment. A friend. No heartbreaks. And yes, gracefully getting older by a year. The big 22. This time, I'll spend my birthday in eager joy *wishes for that* while ignoring people's pointed comments on my age and lack of boyfriend. I might even roll my eyes and tell them:

"Better a spinster than to be emotionally tortured in a loveless marriage,"

Wait,that was too .. forward. More like:

"Better be happy like me, than let my heart be vulnerable again in the wrong hands,"
With that, I wish for a good July with this picture of a hopeful me, well more like estastic from that first sip of chocolate mint bubble tea in nearly 2 months.


Furree Katt said...

awww Hanis you are SOOOO adorable! ♥ *pinches cheeks*
and i'm absolutely in love with the colour of your top. WANT!
okay, 25th July. i shall remember.
i hope your birthday month goes by fantastically :D
and i like both the quotes, the spinster one was awesomesauce.

Delilah said...

Here's to an awesome July and an awesomer 22nd =) *opens the champagne blessing all the carbonation*
You are cute hanis =)

r.alsharif said...

Yay for July! :D I'm a Leo too :P

PurpleMist. said...

Love that picture of you, BEAUTIFUL!! :)
Happy July to you and I hope it's a joy-filled month for you :D
Oh and I LOVE this:
"Better a spinster than to be emotionally tortured in a loveless marriage."

ishashime said...

hello birthmonth mate! *winks*
and i'm glad you've decided to spend this month happy and aloof. yaaay! :D
ooh also, pretty Hanis how about a chocolate mint bubble tea toast to another year given unto you? yes?

kayren said...

aww we're the same age! (; love this: "Better be happy like me, than let my heart be vulnerable again in the wrong hands."

ill put that on my favorite quotes. *wink*

Hanis. said...

@Furree: My cheeks say thank you. Haha, I wear pink once in a while. Its a cool tshirt of a girl with an afro and sunnies. her afro is made up of quotes and sayings. Yes! Remember the date.

@Delilah: Aww, thank you <3

@r.alsharif: When's the bday fellow Leo?

@PurpleMist: Aww shucks thank you. And it looks like July is good so far :D

@ishashime: When's your bday? *stalks your blog* Haha. Let's have all the chocolate mint bubble tea our hearts desire for this month.

@kayren: Yeay, I'm glad you like it :D

InnocentlyGreen said...

We're half passed July now! I hope it's all been great so far :)
And I gotta say, you're right:
You are gorgeous!


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