Monday, July 25, 2011

Its My Birthday and I'll Bore You With How It Went.

I'm officially 22 now. And with the arrival of this age, I realised that I love spending the money I've earned on things. Yes, I went shopping today with Ajim. Wait, I shall back up a bit and talk about my birthday.

I never had big celebrations so I just love the wishes and thoughts. Presents? You'll be making my year. Monday is the day off from work. So we made plans to go to this mall and walk around. Perhaps buy things. Buy a new bag.

Its a big ass mall. And we walked around and around with 2 things in mind. A bag for me and a hoodie for my brother. To make it easier, I'll do up the shopping trip in phases. You'll thank me ;D

Phase One

Hit the bookstore, agonize on how they no longer stock J.R Ward's books before being dragged out of the store by Ajim so we can start our shopping trip.

Phase Two
-Go into about half a dozen stores, looking for the two items.
-Become frustated by what kind of hoodie I should buy.
-Walk over couple of levels, going up and down. (Its a big place)

Phase Three
-Comes up with a bright idea to go back to the store Ajim bought a pair of shoes last week.
- Ogle the same turqoise bag I saw last week before falling for the black bag I saw before.
-Bought the black bag after much deliberation.

Phase Four
- Ate at this wonderful fish place.
-Stuffed ourselves full.

Phase Five
- Walk around again while looking for the hoodie.
-Complain on how full and sleepy I'am.
- Call Mama, asking what the lil bro really wants.

Phase Six
-Gives up and walk aimlessly
-Spots some purses and coos over them.
-Gets dragged into a jewelery store.

Phase Seven
-Gets stuck between choices.
- Buy myself a gift for my birthday.

Phase Eight
-Enjoys the blended dark chocolate drink Ajim bought me.
-Gets a brain freeze.
-Tastes heaven on my tongue.
-Spills some on my scarf.

And that's how my shopping trip went. My gift to myself is this long necklace which has this pocket watch as a pendant. Its a bit like the necklace I wanted on Etsy.

The parents bought me cake and I'm still stuffed full from lunch, the dessert and now cake.

*lies in peaceful sleepy bliss on my bed*

To put it in one sentence, its been a wonderful day.

Pictures of the day will be put up later.

Love, the now 22 year old,


cricketfreak said...

Happy 22nd birthday! Have a great year ahead :)

aaishah said...

Happyy 22nd Birthdayy Hanis! :D
How does it feel to be 22? I've always wondered. Do you feel like you were when you were 17 but just more wise? Let me know.

Take care

InnocentlyGreen said...

Happy Birthday Hanis! *hugs*

r.alsharif said...

Happy birthday!!! :D

Adam said...

Happy birthday gorgeous!

It sounds like you're by no means a mall rat.

Honestly, I'm excited to see pictures. I love your writing style and the fact that it has such a perspective so I've actually thought about what it would be like if you posted more photos.

Furree Katt said...

i set up a reminder on my phone so that i could wish you on your shoutbox at 12 a.m. but then i realized you and i live in different countries and i don't know what the time difference is hahaha

i'm so glad your day was wonderful! ♥ i hope you have an amazing year ahead as well.

i can't wait for the post with the pictures :D

love youuu! ♥

Jodie-AnnDuhBawwss. said...

Happy birthday, Hanis!! <3
I'm so happy you had a good time :D

kayren said...

id like to see that necklace with a pocket watch for a pendant! im dying to buy myself one! (;
happy birthday!(;

amneh said...

sorry gedix ak rosak plan..hahahaha btw selamat tambah umur....*sdey xbleh join ko ngan ajim =(

Hanis. said...

@cricketfreak : Thank you so much, I'll try to be wiser-ish :D

@aaishah: Haha. It feels .. I'm more calm at some ways. When I was 17, I was a walking mess. I'm still one, emotionally but I don't feel like its the end of the world. Oh wait, yes, I'm more wise ;D

*InnocentlyGreen: *hugs* Thank you
so much :D

@r.alsharif: Thank you :D <3

@Adam: Aww, thank you so much :D I don't really take great pictures. Come to it, I'm not really much of a picture taker. I'm going to upload mostly what my birthday treats were, not the shopping journey.

@Furree: Hahahaha. I love you for that. That's such a sweeet thing to think of. I believe in celebrating as long as its still my birthday somewhere on the planet <333

@Jodie: Your new name is so long :P But thank youuu <33

@kayren: I'm bad bad at taking pictures so I'll try to put up a half decent one.

@amneh: gedix la ko :P ko kena belanja aku makan. klu ko ikt, mesti ko bising pasal jalan byk kot :P

ishashime said...

you're 22 now, that's like really grown up. haha. oooh. pictures, please! sounds like you really had a good time. :)

PurpleMist. said...

Just saw the pictures :)
Looks like you had a fun day :D
So did you end up buying a hoodie? :P


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