Saturday, February 16, 2013

How I Got My New Toy.

Results came out on the 15th February. Which means that the emails were sent starting from midnight, and the website was available around 9pm of the 15th. I stayed up, nervous, biting my nails as I tell myself that no, I'm not failing that Accounts paper.

I Skyped with a friend as a way to distract myself, and he was very helpful. I had both emails open, the one I filled into the form, and the one the university gave me. I kept refreshing them and at 1.38 am, the email came in. I was excited and panicking at the same time.

I wanted to know my results, and I didn't. I opened the email, knowing I have to scroll down a bit to first see the my name, my student number, my GPA, my CGPA and then the grades. I took a deep breath. Scrolled slowly and my heart stopped.

My CGPA had increased by 0.02 which meant the GPA must have been high enough to do so. Sliding my eyes slightly to the right, I saw the figure. The highest for my degree. I buried my face in my pillow, full of relief. Did a little jig before went knocking on my parents' door. Dad opened it, and god, he merely went:

"GPA 3.68 and CGPA 3.60, right?"

He knew. Both of my parents already knew of my results since Tuesday, through a friend of his. And they both swore they had no clue. Five minutes later, Dad knocked on my door and handed me a bag.

Behold, the new love of my life.

*shows off my new phone*

Since Dad made a deal with me back in July, that if I get the Vice Chancellor Award, an award given to a student who managed to get on the Dean's List every semester of their study, he would give me a phone. A Samsung Galaxy 3 to be precise.

Or more known as the S III, which was "Designed for humans" so said its tagline back when it first came out. I love it so much. It it so shiny and snazzy.


So,do send me chocolates through the mail, as a form of congratulatory wishes. I prefer Reese's, Twix, Snickers and so on.

And to the two people who have given me an award, thank you so much. I'll answer the questions when I can.


Mark said...

Congratulations on getting such a good score and managing to improve :) Though I think I would have gotten a wee bit angry at the folks for hiding it. Enjoy the well deserved phone!

Laila N Mysis said...

YAY! Gosh. I mean, the phone means nothing to me because all the versions just blur into one for me, but congratulations on your awesome grades :D

*sends virtual chocolates of every kind, and cake as well*

(Make use of that imagination ;) )

Amnah Ridzuan said...

congratulation gorgeous =p


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