Saturday, February 23, 2013

Its a List about My Toy.

Cons of having a snazzy phone:

1. I get addicted to Temple Run 2.

2. I get super lazy to use my laptop.

3. I get glued to my phone.

4. I get addicted to Instagram. hanisgorgeous is the username.

5. I take vain pictures.

Pros of having a snazzy phone:

1. I get to read my ebooks easily.

2. I can get directions to an unknown place while on the go.

3. I get to read the blogs I follow more easily.

4. I get to take pictures that show my gorgeousness. Such as these two which I took while waiting for Lil Bro to get ready for a wedding.

See, I'm super gorgeous. Hahahahaha. Oh god. I can't get over how one eye is bigger than the other while the eyebrow is a bit arched.

And of course, the make a silly face in front of the camera and go all "Oh my god, I look so awkwarddddd." on Facebook so people can tell you you're pretty.

No. I didn't do that.

Its my version of a duck face. 

And no, my skin ain't the wonderful. Its the lighting and the light sunblock.

But dang, those chairs behind me, beautiful right? Mom says its about 18 years old and people have offered money to buy them from her but hell nah. She knows that they cost a hand and a leg right now if she buys a new one.


Laila N Mysis said...

Haha, you are so very gorgeous ^_^

What I do love, though, is how being addicted to your phone doesn't necessarily refer to what the phone was invented for: calling :P

Hanis. said...

@Laila: You have a good eye. Hahahaha. Yeah. God, I'm the worst at phone calls. If anyone can check, they'll know if I'm talking on the phone, it would be like, 85% chance it being my mom. I text way more.


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