Saturday, August 23, 2014

68 Days.

I started the countdown at 218 days, and now its at 68. My level of excitement is slowly increasing. The number of checklists I have drafted is increasing as well.

Clothes I Need to Buy.
Stuffs I Need to Buy.
What to Pack in my Hand Luggage.
Questions on Istanbul.
Pre-Trip To-Do.
What I Will Eat There.
What I Will Do There.

And so on.

Do not misunderstand me, because I ... well, I realllly enjoy writing out these lists. I wrote out the 3rd one while at a seminar few days ago and decided that one must definitely pack a snack in case of emergencies. 

Snacks in Hanis' Hand Luggage Ideas.

A bar of chocolate.
A tupperware of sliced bread.
A can of tuna spread.
A can of Pringles.
And a zip locked bag of something healthy.

Yesterday, I submitted my application for the holiday. 9 days in total, from 30th Oct right till 11th Nov. It was approved few hours later and made it a bit easier for me to breathe.

Now, the things I should do in the next 69 days:

1. Get vaccinations for flu as it will be winter then.
2. Obtain a coat.
3. Shoes.
4. Find out what to bring to airport to get ticket. - Recheck ticket details.
5. Phone roaming.
6. Visa charges.
7. Make a list of questions to ask.

Which reminds me of a list I haven't written.

Things to Do 10 Days Before

Which probably would made up of:

Print directions.
Print tickets.
Download map app.
Download Turkish language app.
Buy paracetamol/anything to do with possible minor pain/discomfort.

But yes. I'm really excited for this. Its like the butterflies you get days leading to the first date with that dream guy of yours. 

68 days, do be easy to me.


Launna said...

Counting down to something we are waiting for is exciting... I hope everything goes well... I make lists too, all the time. Otherwise I might forget something... :)

Laila N Mysis said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous #'_'# I want to travel! You're superdy lucky! And Turkey (+ Greece - it's a two-in-one for me) is near the top of my list. You'll get to take so many pretty pictures :') I'm excited (and JEALOUS.) for you ^_^

AL said...

You sound really excited!
Good luck to you! :)


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