Wednesday, October 22, 2014


To read the first part: Void.

He curled his fingers over hers, his head tilted forward till he could see the doubt in her eyes. His throat was dry and grated with words too reluctant to be voiced.

"I'm half elated."

"And half?"


The word were whispered against the shape of her lips, his breath stolen away by this succubus that had been haunting him for months. 

"Of corrupting me?"

"It was never corruption that scares me."

"What was?"

The etchings on her skin glowed warm under his fingertips, a nod against the softness of her neck as he trembled, ever so slightly.

"Us being bound together, in the ways of legends."

1 comment:

Launna said...

That was luscious Hanis ... when I read yesterdays, I wasn't quite sure what it meant but now that you have wrote this... I get them both... very well written ;)


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