Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Excuses, So Many of Them.

I know, I have been such a lazy person to even look at my blog for the past few days. I blame the boredom of my days. Of my new addiction to any tv shows that has "Gypsy Weddings" in the title or "Millionaire's Matchmaker". I also blame the books I'm reading. The people I'm talking to online. Let's just say I'm blaming everything.

I've been living a healthy eating system. Grilled, baked fish or chicken. No salt. A bit of carbs. Tons of vegetables. It was suprisingly easy to eat out, just avoid fast food and be ready to spend a bit more above your usual budget. Result: A loss of 12lbs. Yes, I shall be hotter, as a certain person told me.

Just as I was thinking its easier than I thought, I was put on a sugar blockage diet. Or something that is done for 2 weeks, to retrain my taste buds to hate sweet things. I don't have a sweet tooth. I just like baking and devouring a bar of dark chocolate as if I'm seducing someone with the sounds of pleasure.

But, I'm on the second day and everything Mama cooks, which I usually won't even care for, looks so good. Why? First three days, I can only eat eggs and tofu. No condiments, no carbs. Its pretty hard. The good thing, I'm good at not feeling hungry now. Day four would be when I can eat other proteins so that piece of salmon in the freezer, would so be grilled and eaten with such appetite.

I've been reading a lot. City of Bones and Ashes for the moment. Cassandra Claire, who is the author of the famous Mortal Instruments series started out as a fanfiction writer, Harry Potter fandom. I read one of her stories, pretty long and it wasn't really to my taste. But, reading the books make me realise, that the general feel of them, is something familiar as that is how the good HP fanfics are like.

There's a plot skipping around in my head for a day now. I have the main points, but I need to find the right settings, to really show that internal struggle. I know that this will be one of my better stories. What I have in my head now, is this line:

His kiss was like a wisp of smoke, curling tightly in my mouth before leaving me so out of breath and full of chemical joy.

I will now go find random people to talk to while coaxing that plot onto paper while ignoring that confession I have already typed up in my Drafts. Do enjoy this cover of Cranberries' Linger by a Malaysian band. It is addictively good, even more angst-y that the original version which is one of my all time favourites.


Mark said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. That's quite a bit lost too. Good luck with this special diet thing. I'm not a big fan of sweet things myself but this has the tragic side effect of applying to fruit, as fruit tends to be very sweet.

I am essentially a terrible vegetarian and I'm surprised I've not gone back on to meat.

Laila N Mysis said...

I do not have a sweet tooth ... I'm just addicted to sugar. I couldn't give it up. If I were aiming to lose weight, I'd do more exercise, 'cause I find that fun... and I'd stop eating main meals, maybe. But sugar... I love sugar ='_'=

Good luck on the story idea! Hope it goes well :)


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