Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be My Bedmate? Not So Easy.

This is a break from my NaNo attempt.

So, few weeks ago, Dad had to go to this 2 days thingie where he had to do stuffs like a treasure hunt and other activities that is suppose to instill leadership and teamwork among you and your colleagues. The interesting thing was that he was one of the older ones, the majority were in their mid 20's to late 30's. Oh, so cute.

The trip meant he would be away for one night which actually makes a big impact in this household. Well, more like on Mama. You see, my mother is such a cute woman in her ways that one must wonder how am I her daughter.


One. She has a thing of parking the car right in front of the restaurant/cafe we're going since everyone would be looking at us.

Two. She just can't go eat alone because she will feel so shy.

Three. She simply can't sleep alone because she has a fear a burglar is going to come in through the ceiling and hold us hostage is afraid.

Okay, I have my own self esteem issues but I do try to not let One and Two be part of me since I don't see the freaking problem. For Three, I simply adore sleeping alone in my room, without no roomates hence the reason I rarely ask anyone over because god, that will just ruin my personal time.

So, on the night Dad was away, she made me sleep in her bed and little bro was being a pain so he ended up sleeping on the carpet in her room instead of in his. I had to get used to not being in my bed but that was okay. Until, Mama poked me and told me to stop fidgeting.

"Stop moving around so much Hanis."

"I"m not."

"Yes you are." - little bro.

It was only the night after that I realise I do fidget. I have my own pattern, if you must put a word to it, to sleeping.

First, I'll lie on my right side, two pillows under my head, hugging the bolster in front of me. Then, I'll turn to lie on my front, hugging the upper pillow under my head with my legs doing that thing I think most people do. You know, where one is straight but one is bent and it just feels so perfect?

I won't stay long but then I'll get onto my left side, bolster behind me as I throw an arm above my head, putting pressure-ish on my right ear. I'll usually fall asleep by then but if I still haven't, I'll move on to my back-up position.

Curl up in a ball on my right side with the blanket wrapped around me as if I'm trying to ward off the cold like its a monster from under my bed.

So, yes, I do fidget a lot. Few years ago, I was prone to lie on my back, arms thrown above my head, holding on to the railings. Now I think about it, that was preparing for the losing of my cherry one day. not a position appropriate for a girl my age and innocence.


Yes, I sleep with 3 pillows, it used to be 4. If I have to live with only 2, I'll put both under my head and will simply hug my blanket. Yes, I've done that before. Blankets make the best snuggly buddy.

Now, back to NaNo.


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Lioness Without A Pride said...

Love the title! I just sleep pretty much like a log. I don't know what I'm doing when I'm sleeping. I need a blanket though, I HAVE TO HAVE a blanket.

Goooo NaNoWriMo!


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