Monday, November 7, 2011

Learning to Use the Shift Button for Capital Letters.

I hit the 10K mark last night. That's 20% of 50,000 words. Hopefully, an improvement from my past efforts. Yes, Mozart is the reason I'm not thinking "God, I give up.". He has a whip and he uses it.

So, last night my keyboard went wonky and well, I did something so stupid. Somehow, Google put it in my head that I need to clean the affected keys which were Caps Lock, A, Q, Z, Tab and Shift.

Fine. But then it told me to take it out and I managed to pry out Caps Lock, clean it but guess what? I failed to put it back in.

I felt stupid but it was nothing compared to how I felt this morning when I turned on my computer and wo behold! The keys were working again.

And I was stuck with the caps lock key still not being in place. Do you know how stupid that feels?

I wanted to scream this morning. Especially when I was retyping the 900 ish words I had hand written last night in my attempt to reach 10K.

Yes, I can ask my dad to do it for me but ..... I'm scared =.=

Help me anyone? Haha.

*will try asking someone more nifty*

Of course, I'll try to post more! I promiseeeee.

Peace out.


Daniyal Arain said...

Buy a new Keyboard. or open it again and put it right. That's what you can do :)

Adam said...

I admire that you have the attention span to take on this project! From someone who has a folder of incompletes on their computer, I'm pleasantly surprised that you've been able to do this!

I would love to write a novel some day, but honestly, the thought TERRIFIES me :)
I'm still going to do it some day, but honestly I woudln't even know where to begin. Presently my fiction "masterpiece" is just a bunch of index cards in a shoebox.


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