Sunday, November 27, 2011

Interview With the Mokesart.

Mokesart and I have known each other for a year-ish now. This interview was conducted due to him forcing me. I swear. Free publicity.

1. Since we know this is going to be based on me, how did you first
meet Hanis aka me?

I don't quite remember. A website or someshit.

2. What was your first impression of me? Like, be honest. I swear I
won't edit anything out.

Bitch. A stuck up, cold bitch. To me: a challenge. No one is a bitch
for no reason.

3. I heard from a little birdy that I'm the reason you're blogging now
at your nice little blog. Is that true?

Of course. You blogged. I read. You told me to get my views out there
(probably so I didn't bore you to death telling you about them).
Seriously though, yes. You told me that I had a lot to say and should
write them down so more people could see them.

4.I've read your blog(duh) and you just have like, a multitude of
topics. Where do you get your inspiration?

Anything really. Stuff that happens to me, or just appears on my
RADAR. A lot of the time I will have an interesting (or at least I
think so) encounter which I will either like or hate. Failing anything
happening to me, I can link to other stuff I've been reading lately,
or talk about current affairs or anything. A lot of the time I'll
write a view of the world from my perspective: liberal Christian white
male student activist. Which I don't think there are quite enough of
in the world!

5. Oh wait, what about those Song of the Day? Do you randomnly pick

The song of the day is basically random, though usually from my 5500
or so strong iTunes library. It might be a song I've been listening to
lately, or it might be a song related to the topic. Or I might just
click "shuffle" and see what comes up! Sometimes though I'll ask
someone else to pick (usually you!).

6.What do you do for a living?

I bludge off my parents. No, it's not that bad really. My parents do
cover my living costs, which are rather low as I don't cost much to
run. Besides that, I do a lot of what you might call "volunteer" work.
I am currently the (unpaid) Head of Media Relations for Pirate Party
Australia and I do a lot of (usually unpaid) freelance editing of text
and musical scores. My time is mostly dedicated to passing my units in
my Bachelor of Music, though I do hope when the next school term
starts to begin tutoring guitar and bass, plus to have a band up and

7. Now, where do you get the time? Haven't my bad ways rubbed off on
you yet?

I have no idea. I just sort of multitask. I've had to slow down the
blogging because I've just not had the time lately, funnily enough.

8. If you can go anywhere right now, where and why?

The surface of the sun, because it's bound to be cooler than here at
the moment! No, I'd really like to be somewhere nice and cool, so
either Antarctica or Europe most likely. Not sure where exactly, as
long as the temperature is reasonable!

9. What is one thing that you've wanted blog about but haven't yet?

So many! I have a ridiculous backlog of drafts I was intending to
write. I actually wanted to write about my view on same-sex marriages,
specifically with an "alternative" to the mainstream Christian view.

10. What do you do during your spare time?

I usually write music, watch sitcoms or play video games. The former
two are far more common, as I tend to lose interest in video games

11. What do you think about your current editing job?

It's great! The best thing about editing your novel is that I get the
chapters as you write them. Which means that I am literally begging
you to finish the next chapter. I'm really enjoying the story, and
contributing to its polishing is keeping me nicely busy.

12. Would you , if the situation ever comes, tell people to read it?

Are you kidding?! Of course I would! If I love it, other people will
too! (And get back to work! I want 25 000 words by tomorrow night! =P) (I'm currently at 40K now)

13. List out 3 of your favourite sites.

Oh dear, there are some I'd absolutely love to. But I'm sure it would
get me into trouble in one way or another.

I won't say because it's too

My favourite sites would be:- – One of the finest repositories of knowledge
available today. I know "what about inaccuracies?" Well, I've read
many academic books which talk complete crap frankly. At least with
Wikipedia it's kind of obvious. – A bit of a political plug here, but I do use
it a lot. We've got a lot of our party press releases up there, and
there are links to information and many other things so that people
can see what we're about and that we're not just "spoiled brats who
want everything for free". – NOT because it lets you find torrent files to
download illegally, but because it is a great repository for materials
which are hard to find. Books that are long out of print, albums which
were never released on CD, rare films. There is an almost unwritten
pirate law "you only pirate things which are rare or overabundant." In
this case, so many things are impossible (or near impossible) to get
your hands on, that the Pirate Bay is often a last resort. I think
this is a good thing, as it means most bits of our culture will never
fade away.

14. Hmmm, what else, oh yes. Will you interview me in return?

Just say the word darling =P (What word? D:)

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