Sunday, November 20, 2011

For the Love of Food, Shut Up.

I'm close to hitting 32K words. I'm still behind but whatever. This is far more than I expected. Of course, when I find myself getting tired of writing, I neglect my homework write a post.

Have you ever read like, articles or notes on the dangers of eating a particular food? Like, the most popular is how dangerous Coca Cola is for our health. Or processed food. There's a whole list of em. Lately, a note was passed on on Facebook on how eating sardines from a tin can cause you cancer.

You know, smoking can cause cancer with a higher probability. I read it, gave a shrug. For me, its about moderation. Don't eat sardines from a tin for like 5 nights per week. Or instant noodles. But no, some people would just go "Haven't you read?"and blah blah.

I don't care. I don't eat sardines that much and I doubt eating a sardine bun two times a week where there's like, a tablespoonful worth of mashed sardines in each of them would make me have cancer with "Sardines" stamped on it.

I used to drink soft drinks all the time. Now, I only drink them if I go to a fast food restaurant. Because I dislike iced lemon tea where they actually use those yellow lemons. I prefer lime. Back when I was binging on Sprite, I was at the receiving end of:

"Do you know that you could clean toilets with that?"

and other shit. I'll get this poker face which is stage one. Stage two would be when I'm being sharp with them. I stopped drinking soft drinks around a year ago and I feel good for myself. Not because I read some article saying a snail was killed when Coke was poured over it. You get me?

In a way, people who read those kinds of articles are just the same as the idiots who read on the internet about Islam and they say women are opressed by the religion. Or those people who wanted to boycott certain stuffs when Palestine was invaded. They read few things, think they know it from back to front then rush head in before landing with their ass up in the air.

Or to put it simply, they'll go down in my view of them. I'll roll my eyes. If you really afraid for your health, do you know that chickens are injected with female hormones which makes them fatter and this, can cause men to get boobies? Or that fishes caught in the sea are usually about a month old before they get to the market? Hail the miracle of crushed ice.

Vegetables, are sprayed with pesticides so much that they grow up perfect. Or that dessert you just had, the sugar in that can kill an ant and land it in ant heaven. Don't even get me started on calories.

So, shut up. If you really want to care, go get a patch of land and make a vegetable garden. Raise your own chickens. Plant your own paddy field, don't forget the wheat and oats. Rent a boat and fish for yourself. Then, you'll truly reduce the risk. If you're not prepared to do that, shut your mouth when you see me tucking into something so tasty. Chances are, you'll be some foood frigid, completely miserable as you try to remember the taste of some food you last ate aeons ago.


Furree Katt said...

amen to that! i hate it when people overreact to articles they read or stuff they hear about that concern the dangers of (mostly harmless) foods.
sure, if someone eats sardines 3 times a day every day for an entire year, it will most probably cause problems in the body. but for some people to nag others about the dangers of eating sardines when it's most likely to be a once-in-a-few-weeks thing, is so stupid. grrr.


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It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...

I agree!
I usually ignore these articles and I eat what I want. XD
I really like sardines O.o
And soft drinks.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

Did you know that a coffee can kill you? Or, actually it reduces heart disease. Or something.

Rachel said...

If you compiled a list of every single article that's been written on the dangers of eating such-and-such food, all you'd be able to eat is...

Wait, what would you be able to eat?


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