Monday, January 30, 2012

My Journey.

We all know that I'm done with my finals. I might even had mentioned in an earlier post of doing some kind of pictures post regarding my last minute studying efforts.

So, here we are, I got 4 pictures, which is perhaps a lot for me but just small numbers for others. I thought there were way more but then, I might have counted the other not suitable for public pictures as well.

I humbly present to you, those pictures.

This was taken at my grandmother's house, judging by the yellow tablecloth under my books. So, this would be perhaps around Christmas-ish because my parents were away so I had to stay with my grandparents during nighttime. See those little clouds I drew? This is when I feel like I have plenty of time left. I draw the line at colouring in with highlighters or whatsover.

That is my Stochastic book, my pencil case, Polo mints, my calculator and the wire part of my earphones. Why in the world does the library insists to have mustard yellow tables? They're an eyesore. Trust me. I remember the library being hot that day because some people were too stingy to turn on the air conditioning.

I assure you, I was in panic mode for this picture. It was the day before my Risk Modelling exam, a very nerve wrecking day. I also sat for another one that morning so you can just imagine my level of calmness. Below minimum. You can see the cup with my Neslo which is Nescafe(instant coffee) + Milo which is so goood.

*stares at picture*

Ohhh, this is my attempt on solving a Makeham. Well, a topic in my Actuarial Math 2, the last exam. You see, there was a 7 days gap between this and the one before. I had to kick myself in the ass so I'll start studying 4 days beforehand. I remember being oh-so-calm for the first few days before smacking myself for being too calm.

The End.

Ok, okay. That is the end of my studying for this semester. Of course, the first few days after it ended, I felt so restless and wanted to crack open a book to study. Did I?

Nope. I'm not that bad.


Daniyal Arain said...

& That's called Studying hard. (at the last moment)

Mark said...

At least you did some studying. I never studied.

Hanis. said...

@Daniyal: Haha. The best way to study. But I try to not be too extreme and leave it till just one day before.

@Mark: I used to not study. I failed.

Daniyal Arain said...

I used to study all the time, I never failed. & Then I heard of studying at the last moment... I still never failed.

ishashime said...

ah! this post reminds me that i should be studying right now. :|

Confessions from the Hairdresser said...

I always love it when you include pictures! I know that you had said that you don't take the greatest pictures but these definitely are a nice accessory to the post, they really set the mood.

I'm so glad that your finals are finally over!


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