Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plans of Freedom.

I'm freeeeeeeeeee. Well, my finals are over , I have no class until 4th of March so I plan to read all the books I can get my hands on, work my ass off (if I get the chance to) and perhaps, try to work some fat off said ass?

Today, after leaving the examination hall I headed for the library and borrowed as much books I could carry which is sadly not enough for me. I got 8 books, which I chose within 5 minutes since the fiction section is really small in that particular library. Some are from authors I've heard and read before, some are complete strangers.

I'll tell you more of the books as I read them one by one since I have big big plans for this blog now.

One: I'm going to take you through a trip of my study sessions, there will be pictures (big deal for Hanis since I don't really do pictures before this)

Two: There might be a post of pictures, again, but this time it would be of the food I had over the last few weeks. Nothing fancy or anything but I think the comments with every picture would increase the interest factor.

Three: I got a set of questions which I would answer in about, 4-5 installments but don't think God-this-will-be-uber-boring because it will not. I'll make sure I'll get a Mokesart approval.

Four: Update on my choices of books to buy.

Oh yes, I contacted the bookstore last night, asking them to hold onto a copy of J.R Ward's Lover Unleashed and told them I'll be in this weekend or early next week. I got a reply saying they're holding on to the last copy but then, they're closed starting from today till the end of this month due to Chinese New Year.

*cue crying*

This only means that I'll have more time to choose so that's the silver lining for me.

Updates on Books

J.R Ward's Lover Unleashed is definitely one of them. I'm also going to get a Stephen King, most probably The Shining.

Looking for Alaska by John Green seems to be a pretty good choice. Now, that is all. That leaves 3 more spots.

*gets super excited*

Now, excuse me while I tuck into my cooking shows marathon.


Mark said...

I haven't read The Shining, then again I haven't read too many books by King. Enjoy your time off, and spend it the right way. Reading!

PurpleMist. said...

Looking for Alaska is AMAZING.


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