Friday, January 6, 2012

Pit Stop One.

Have I mentioned for the past week I've been living in Mamon's room at the hostel? Well, now I'm back home for a pit-stop aka, wash my clothes, get fresh ones and enjoy my own bed for one night before going back. I'll be having few super hectic days as I'll have a paper on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Talk about suicide?

Today's paper went well, I hope I'll get a good grade so I can make up for any bad grades. Talking about today, lack of sleep and nerves led me to a funny(well, it didn't seem so this morning) situation. I was sitting in the hall, about to fill up a slip so I took out my examination slip to check the code and group.

Now, all throughout the semester, I thought it was Regression Analysis when it was actually Fundamental of Regression Analysis. So, with little sleep and coffee in my veins, I got panicked. I saw that I registered two English subjects. I was thinking of cases of people forgetting to register one subject but at least they noticed before they're actually sitting in the hall.

I told my friend, Ekin in a very helpless panicky voice.

"Ekin, I didn't register this subject."

My five friends around me all got wide eyed with the "Oh shit" expression on their faces. I handed Ekin the slip and calm, level headed girl she is, she pointed out the last subject in the list and stated:

"Hanis, I see it."

Bella: You just gave me a mini heart attack.

Naqa: You're panicking Hanis. Calm down.

Yes, Mama and Mokesart laughed when I told them. So did my two other friends. I see the humour in it, now. Thank god my friends took my panic state into consideration so I'm not teased, yet. I'm sure once the guys hear this, I'll be hearing about it all the time.

Oh yes, the house has a new addition to it. What is it?

Its a pretty orange and white 5 month old kitten with no name attached to it yet.

I'm for Marmalade. Or Crookshanks. We'll see. He's staring at me from inside his big cage, resting in of all places, his litter box. I just want to gobble him up.

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