Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Not Gonna Write Cause You Ask Me To.

They say if you make a writer, a poet or a song writer fall in love with you, you will continue to live on eternally in their work. But they also say if you break those people's hearts, you will continue to be condemned indirectly for doing so.

I've always wanted to fall for someone who writes. But then I thought to myself, that might not be as interesting and exciting as it is for another girl when its me. Why? Because I write myself. I'm used to being the one who might write a poem about the thoughts that come to mind at how a guy smells like. Or dedicate a paragraph in a story about the way someone can say a name in fifteen different ways.

Would I truly appreciate someone doing that for me? Or would it be some kind of competition where I'll feel I have to write something in return? 

No, I'm not falling for anyone who writes.

I would rather fall for someone who reads. Who dreams and plans of trips to different places. That would make a perfect combination with a girl who writes and dreams.

On the other hand, I would like to thank to everyone who has managed to spark some emotion fireworks because hell, that just helps me write more.

And how can someone not love this song? 


Launna said...

I never thought of it quite like this... I think I want someone who reads or dreams... I'll be the writer ;-).

I wonder how my best friend David whom I'm very much in love with thinks of what I write about him... hmmmm :-)

Laila N Mysis said...

Oh, wow, this is an intriguing post o.o I've never thought about that but now that I do...

... yeah, I think I'd be too scared to be immortalised in some writer's work. Whether positively or negatively, I donno, for some reason, I'd rather slip out of this world quietly '_'

That being said, if I could just ignore that tiny part, a reader or a writer would make me happy. I know one way or another, we're on a similar wavelength ^^

Such a lovely post ♥ And song.


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