Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random Letter No.5

Dear Random Person No.5,

Its pretty amazing how in such a short time period, you were able to take my beliefs into your hands and give them a really good shake in a more effective manner compare to anyone else I have ever met/known.

You managed to make me take a step back and really think about certain things that I was once so sure of. It was like, all this time I was really sure that the sky is pure blue and along came you and I was now thinking that the sky is a lovely purple. It made me take a seat and question myself.

Do I really care about those things?

And what bothered me even more is that I got the answer to that so quickly. 

I didn't care.

It left me feeling like I'm spinning around in a room full of bright colours and techno blasting from the speakers before falling back onto my bed, low lights and Adam Levine crooning into my ears.

Breathless and happily confused.

But then, sometimes I wish I could just cut off that time period of knowing you, because it just made me less satisfied with what I have. I was blissfully ignorant, in a sense, before that. And to know that someone with that many checkmarks really exist but to not have the tiniest of a chance, is just very very cruel of life.

Or of you.

I don't know which to blame, apart from myself.

Maybe you.




Mark said...

If you feel less satisfied with what you have then you can now seek out more. Don't see it as a mistake or a reason to be sad, but as an opportunity to have more than you ever did before.

Juli said...

I think questioning how we are brought up (good or bad) and our beliefs are how we grow. You should question what you are taught, and either accept it as YOUR truth or as someone else's. Doesn't mean it was a mistake, just a learning experience to make YOU better and/or more secure in who you are.

When you get to be really old (like me:) you'll appreciate that you have that solid foundation from when you were young.

Launna said...

This post made me think of how I finally connected with the love of my life... we ended up only being friends.... sometimes I wish I never found out that kind of love exsisted ... I can never accept less than what he and I had. :'(

AZ said...

It's hard to know that your ideal exists and you can't have them, but the thing is why can't you? Is it some point of difference? I think it's important that when you see someone who fits your ideal we should see whether we fit theirs, try to improve ourselves constantly. And hey everyone is one of a kind but maybe you'll meet another person later that fits your ideals even better, you never know.

Furree Katt said...

Ooh, I love how this was written.We can't always get what we want though, and that's the sad truth of life. :(


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