Sunday, April 21, 2013

Proof I'm Not Being Cooped Up.

Lately, my posts are either Confessions, Tuesday Thoughts or Sad Creative Posts. I'm pretty sure people now think I have been cooped up at home, tearing my hair out as I write verse after verse. Well, throw in some cooking and According to Jim's episodes and you got it right.


I have been living a nice life. Sharpening cooking skills, but still no curry. Made a pact with mom about baking classes. Fell in love with the purple KitchenAid mixer stand. And of course, books. Here are some pictures from my Instagram account, hanisgorgeous.

Wantan noodles with roasted duck at this Chinese Muslim restaurant.
I will stick to chicken.

Cheesecake in the making  

Of course, new books
White coffee while waiting to sit for IELTS.

At a wedding of a high school mate with old friends. The guy in the middle?
More books bought today. The Carol Goodman is a sequel to Incubus.
The gem I found last year.
Today at an aqiqah for a friend's baby girl. Kinda like a baby shower.

At a schoolmate's wedding with a friend.


Mark said...

Well I'm glad you're not all cooped up being depressed. The food looks nice and it's good to see you making progress.

Laila N Mysis said...

That quote is superdy nice ♥ You look lovely in all your photos, and the food looks great. Question: What does duck taste like? o.O

Juli said...

OH, I like Nick Honrby... I'll have to check that out. I do remember having duck once, and like you, I'll stick with chicken. Too gamey for me.

Hanis. said...

Duck is ... sweet for me. Haha. I have had it roasted, in soup and so on and everytime it taste sweet to me.


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