Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When the Ending Comes.

In January, an idea came to me. Of a short story that I know will be one of my best efforts. I had a paragraph written out and showed it to Mokesart.

He said it was depressing yet interesting. He liked the concept and urged me to write it out. I tried. Multiple times but something was holding me back. 

You see, the story was based on someone I know and my creative interpretation of certain events. It was creative enough that the person can read it and not know its about them.

But the trouble was that I had no idea what the ending should be like. I told Mokesart that I need to wait for the ending to really happen before I can write down. 

So I did what a writer who writes from real experience would, set the idea aside and wait. Few days ago the ending came and I merely told myself that I now can write that story. 

Mokesart gave enough sad emoticons to make me realise I should be sad but anger was boiling in my blood. I was seething for an explanation, set to get it because the way the ending happened, was so so low of the person. 

I told myself that when I see them I would smile and question them if my usefulness had ended or was it a matter of them being an ass? Or I can just ignore them and be nice to everyone else around us.

I thought I would be sad because the ending sucks but it was what I expected, not the one I hoped for. But I'm not at all. I'm angry and hurt. And that will show in the story when I eventually write it down. 

I finally let the hurt set in this morning, the betrayal sinking in and I was glad I was home alone. It resulted in me withdrawing money and spending it on 2 pair of shoes and a bag.


Laila N Mysis said...

The other day I was trying to convince a friend to write a story, because he has/d no life and needed a hobby. I figured he ought to try it. He kept refusing because he was scared of never being able to find the perfect ending, and as such, he could end up mad as a hatter. Alas, I convinced him anyhow because that's how I roll.

... reading this, I'm wondering if I made the right decision o.o

Okay, seriously, I hope the retail therapy helped. The bag is such a pretty colour ^_^

Hanis. said...

Haha. Sometimes, people need to be pushed but sometimes you gotta let them take their own sweet timeee. Don't worry about it.

I was torn between turqoise and brown-orange but I just thought the colour was super lovely.


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