Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'll Stop Procrastinating Right Now

And start this new blog. Officially. I have few drafts in my posts menu but I didn't have the heart or desire to post them. Why? Maybe because they had such raw emotions laced into those words and I know when words are spoken or written, we can't take it back. And I knew I'll regret posting those posts one day. So here's a cheer to my infamous procrastinating behaviour. Told you guys it will benefit me one day. *winks*

Anyway, its Day 14 of my internship and things are good. Better than I expected and hey, I'm not gonna complain. I'm still shocked from the A+ I got for my Calculus 3. Let's allow a moment of boasting here. *clears throat* And we're done.

I'm gonna turn 21 soon. Its THE birthday for most people. The key to being an adult. The key to your freedom. The key to run from being under your parents' power and so on. Mama's reaction to this?

"Pffft. You'll get that key once you get married and your parents don't have to support you anymore"


Oh well, Mama, you can just keep the key away, its gonna be a long time before that happens. Sadly. Or not. I'm not sure. Let's just find out the definition of "a long time" first okay?

*takes a deep breath before smiling slightly*

I'm grateful. I think that sums it all up. Yes, it could have happened in a better way and I could stop getting these urges. But all in all, I'm very grateful for this past month. It like, totallly took this small world of mine, shake all the contents around and making it a chaotic mess before stretching the frame and I was left with a bigger world that's different than before and I think I'm gonna like it.

And I'm gonna end this with telling you how cold I'am right now.


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