Friday, July 30, 2010

You Make Me Wanna Rant

But I'll cut it short. Honestly people, you want to spend millions of the government money so you can effectively ban adult entertainment sites from the Internet in the country? And because they are said to be the catalyst or reason in the rising number of babies abandoned around the country.

Like, ffs. I was laughing when I heard that before pffft-ing through the rest of the news. People people, mind telling me who "researched" the matter and came up with this theory? Yes, it may have tempted them to do stuffs that will eventually lead to the conception of said baby. But putting the blame on such entertainment is really really ... its like blaming our neighbour for cooking something that smells so damn good for making us fat.

See how ridiculous that situation sounds? Told ya so people. That's how it sounded like to me this morning when I heard about this proposed ban.

Now, listen closely because I want to tell you the real reason we're finding more babies abandoned. There's two things and the combination of them is lethal.

I remember from my days in highschool that the sex education were the one chapter in Biology where we learned about the reproductive system and all those birth control thingies and a mention or two in Islamic Studies. My memory might be faulty but as far as I remember that was it.

Most adults still think the old " Don't do it till you get married" method will work on us. Like, Hello? And I thought most parents complained how when we were lil kids we'll do the things they tell us not to. No, growing up does not take away that streak of rebellion from us. I can testify to that. Hell, most kids are like that but to varying degrees. So don't deny it and say your kid is a perfect angel cause they listen to Mummy's every word. Bullshit. Either your kid is good at hiding things or they're plainly such ... people that don't have a mind of their own.

Yes, there are kids like that. I've had the luck to come across some and once again, its a varying degree. But going back on course here, what I'm trying to say is that we need an adequate sex education. We've been skirting around the issue for years, giving excuses and such that its just so sad to me.

"They'll be tempted to practice the topics teached,"


Its a double edged sword, okay? And that's a lame excuse so excuse me for rolling my eyes.

The second reason is the way people here still treat sex as a matter of taboo. I haven't met anyone here whose parents were open about it. When I was 15, all I got was a muttered warning

"Don't let anyone touch you and don't you dare do anything before getting married,"

So, in the name of curiousity, especially teenagers, they'll be curious. But they don't have a responsible reliable figure to go to and play 21 Questions with. Even if they dare to approach someone, they'll be given a bad eye and told its not for them to know till they're older.

Define older for me. I've been hearing that line forever.

Stop acting like sex is a bad thing. Like, I have friends in their early twenties who go "Ewwww' at the mention of sex. Okay, fine. I know there are still such innocent minds out there but do be sincere in being that please.

I know two of those friends actually downloads and watches certain clips. Hey, I have no objection against such viewing. And also nothing against people who don't admit they do so. But DON'T act all holier-than-thou when you're sneaking around watching it alone. Geez, stop being bloody hypocrites, okay?

Rant is stopping here for the peace of my mind. But yeah, go and form a commitee to plan out an adequate sex education syllabus. And stop acting like sex is such a bad matter.

Peace out.

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