Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've been staring, well more like saving this as draft numerous time today alone. Everytime I start typing, the flow of thoughts just stop and I'll be staring into the screen while trying to gather my lost thoughts again. I failed each time. And everytime I attempt to type again it would be about something different thus at the end I'm left with a couple of sentences. Just that.

Its Wednesday, middle of the 4th week of my internship. Give or take couple of days. I've been 21 for 3 days now and things are a bit tense in certain aspects. Especially in a matter that has been a constant contributor to the lack of peacefulness in my heart since I was 11. This morning was ... not pretty. Trust me.


I'm gonna just let it go and hope, as my friend said, things will fix itself sooner or later. Oh please let that happen. I'm at my wits' end right now.

I need somebody to love

No, that's not a personal statement. Because that's the last thing I need. Its a line from a current hit song that I heard on the radio in the drive home yesterday. It had a nice beat to it and I imagine I'll be listening to it over and over while singing to it and making my brother annoyed at the same time.

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