Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't Confuse Culture with Religion. Get It? You Better.

I should really stop reading Yahoo articles where they talk about Islam. And then don't read the comments at all because I sure don't want to get high blood pressure.

Like, I've ranted about this before that religion, any religion, is sometimes affected by the culture of a place. And it just pisses me offf when some people who think they're sooo freaking smart about a topic just goes on about it. I swear, I just want to smack the back of your head with my Calculus text book.

I was reading some article on Libya wanting to use Syaria law. Okay. I should have stopped at the article. But no. I had to scroll down and read the comments. I stopped myself after two "What the fuck are you fucking saying?!"

Here's one that I had to refrained myself from replying to.

"forgive my ignorance ,but going with what i see is sharia is doing just that,i.e arranged marriages,you cannot go out unless escorted,disobey your husband and get beheaded....need i go on"

Arranged marriages? Like, my ass. You cannot go out unless escorted? Hell to that. Get beheaded? Oh come on.

Here's the reply that was forming in my head, nearly bubbling out of my mouth.

Dear Lady,

Arranged marriages are not so bad, as I've heard that they have a lower divorce rate than normal marriages. But last I heard of those was during my grandparents' time. Nowadays, the closest is when mothers introduce their kids to each other and cross their fingers, hoping they'll get on. But for you to fucking say that arranged marriages is part of the Syaria Law? For fuck sake. Culture has more to do with that. I see it no more different than people marrying for money.

I swear the number of times I went out unescorted, I think my dad is having a heart attack, or sharpening his axe to behead me. Come on, stop looking at one part of the world and labelling what they do as Islam. Do you want me to look at the Pope and label his actions, words, excuses as Christianity?

My mom makes a habit of telling my dad where she's going. But, I make a habit of telling my mom where I'm going. I just see that as something normal. Like, I have this thing where I imagine going out without telling anyone, get into an accident and then my family is like all confused and wondering why am I at that place at that time. You know?

She has never been beheaded before though, unless she's like one of those ancient Greek monsters where you cut off one head, two more comes out.

About your ignorance, I can't forgive it. I can't forgive you and most of the other people who is just like you. There's innocent ignorance and there's fuckingstupid malice-filled ignorance. And hey, like the sentence "I don't mean to be rude", "Forgive my ignorance" is empty words. You don't mean it.



Months and months back,I read this blog where the person stated Sex and The City 2 was bullshitty for some reason. Honestly, I don't give a care about that show. But the reason, made me comment on the post. She was going on about how in the world can the women in burqa (all covered up) can be wearing such high-end clothes underneath?

I was so flabbergasted by that before I laughed myself off the chair. She was serious.

Like, seriously shit serious.

First thing, Malaysia is quite the popular holiday destination for Middle East tourists. I've seen those women in burqas wearing jeans underneath it (I saw by mistake). I saw some wearing stilletos. I bumped into one in the changing rooms, she was trying on a belly baring top, a dress and god knows what else.

So I would like to say, that movie got it right. And I told her so. And guessed what she did? She didn't post my comment but someone else's comment who agreed with her that women there is so opressed yada yada yada. And then she deleted that post.

HAH. She just couldn't take it when someone corrects her. Boohoo.

I do read her blog once in a while and god helps me, I can dislike someone just through their blog.

God, I just ranted.


Daniyal Arain said...

People just want to hate on something :P today they'll hate on this and tomorrow on that. And as much of a Religion comes in, well those people who show themselves as the uber religious person are sometimes the worst of us. But who am I to judge. I just go with my own opinion. Why care about someone else's faith when your own is crumbling.

I once took on a discussion with a few people. Guess it wasn't a good idea. They'll always promote the one who is in their favor and demote the one who is against em. :P

Adam said...

Go honey, you got it!

My religious culture is made up of the nut-cakes that deny women rights over their bodies and two consenting adults the right to file their taxes together all in the name of a carpenter who lived six thousand years ago and allegedly "died for your sins" but apparently not for your rights.

You rock, great post! You've left me inspired!

cricketfreak said...

OMG so so true. I've seen those women too-they come off the flights all covered up but as soon as they go to the airport they change into the skimpiest clothes ever. It's so amusing :D


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