Friday, October 7, 2011

More Food, Please.

I cook.

By cook I mean, preparing/making food that I like/want to eat. And also helping Mama with cooking dinner/lunch.

I've at times, tried out recipes from the world wide web and most of the times, got quite edible though not perfect results.

I made biscuits, southern style ones you know.

I made the gravy for the biscuits.

Fish and chips.

My own tartar sauce.

And tonight, for the 2nd time, I made a stack of chocolate chip pancakes and this time, actually sat down and ate some.

We don't really have pancakes here. Well, we do but its mostly at places like House of Pancakes. And .. others. Waffles are much more popular though.

*thinks of waffles with icecream and strawberry sauce*

*thinks of waffles with chocolate spread and butter*

My sudden craving for pancakes tonight might have came from my lack of something sweet today. It practically made me lose my appetite for dinner while I mope in my room for something sweet.

Dad went to play tennis, driving Mama's car which leaves me to the mercy of his shiny car.

There goes my plan to buy something sweet.

So, to the kitchen I went, again.

30 minutes later, I had about a small stack of pancakes, some of them plain while the rest had chocolate chips in them. And I dug into 2 of them, enjoying every honey soaked bite.

*pats tummy*

Now, I want some sandwiches. The other day I made cold chicken mayo with cabbages. God, the cabbages made it so crispy and goooood. I made myself a pita bread sandwich with plenty of lettuces and tomatoes.

Yes, I'm a vege fiend when it comes to burgers and sandwiches. The more the better.

Or maybe I want some fried mushrooms.

*puts a stop to my food fantasies*


It'sJodie-Ann,Bro. said...


cricketfreak said...

Well at least you cook! :D I can too, but i'm so lazy.

r.alsharif said...

I got hungry after reading this!

ishashime said...

waffles are better than pancakes. haha.


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