Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello October. Yes, You.

Hello October. I started this month with attending a 2 day program for uni. The original plan was that there will be a talk from 8.30am till 1pm today and a group thingie from 8.30am to 4pm tommorow.

But then, last night they made a switcheroo. Whole day today, half day Sunday.

That cancelled out a plan I made with two friends to go to this buffet place for lunch today. And since we're all such busy students, it seems that our plan is delayed for few more weeks. Perhaps till our break in November.

*sighs dramatically*

What made it suckier was that I finished early, around 1.40pm but by then my two friends already made other plans.


Other updates, my brain is slowly moving again after 3 weeks of school which is great. I might be doing a group research paper on Cannibalism. Or Teen Suicides. Its for English and the lecturer seems nice.

Today, during the program, I felt like a snob for my inner thoughts on how some people can be such idiots. I know, my course is ... well, not elite but its kinda hard. So perhaps I'm used to ... smarter kids.

It started with this problem given where:

A has 1 dollar

Forget it, I'm such a lazy snob but I can't get over how some people were soooo convinced that their answer was right and looked at the others as if we were dumb.

At least I kept my "You guys are idiots" thoughts in my head.

I have an assignment to submit on Monday, a short essay on godsomething Limit. Central Theorem Limit. Or something way off, I'm sure. I'll just look up info for it later tonight tommorow

I'm currently on page 137 of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

Here's to a hopefully, better month. Hello October, do bring me weight loss happiness.

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r.alsharif said...

It sure took it long enough to get here!


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