Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Awkward Moment After Another.

That awkward moment when your mom ask you if you have a boyfriend when you thought the answer was so fucking obvious.

That awkward moment when you're tempted to go:

Yeah Mama, his name is James Franco and OF COURSE I DON'T HAVE ONE.

That awkward moment when you instead say:


That awkward moment when she seems not to believe you.

That awkward moment when you sigh and say:

If I did, I would be on the phone more often and going out more, wouldn't I?

That awkward moment when she ask if you like anyone.

That awkward moment when you're stuck between:

No Mama, I only like white guys.


Yes, but no one likes me back.


Lioness Without A Pride said...

*hugs* Boys suck, and so does love, and the end.

Furree Katt said...

Hanis. :(

Hanis. said...

@Lioness: *hugs* I know.

@Furree: I'm alright, just jaded after all those awkwardness.

Daniyal Arain said...

@Lioness: Boys Suck? LOL Ain't ya judging too many quantity in those two words.

@Hanis: Made Me Laugh - No - I only like White Chicken. But no one likes me back :( - Even that Chicken I caught from the front door didn't gave any eggs. I think she was angry because I ate his Husband. o.o Bari Beydardi se.


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