Sunday, October 16, 2011


Do you remember this little "recipe" of mine that some of you tried and liked? Well, today I had a craving for something sweet and let me tell you I'm not someone with a sweet tooth.

Last week I made pancakes and since I don't like maple syrup, I decided to use butter and honey instead. And guess what? I'm in love with the butter and honey combination so much that it has replaced peanut butter as my favourite thing to eat with toast.(Peanut butter is a seasonal item in my house for some reason)

During today's craving, I decided to have toast, again but with something else.

1.Take a banana, slice it in half then cut it into small pieces.

2. Heat it up a bit, longer if you want it to be mushy-ish. Use a microwave, its easier and do keep an eye on it.

3. Put in half a table-spoon or a teaspoon of butter, depending on how big the banana was.

4. Put in some honey, around 1.5 tablespoons of it.

5.Sprinkle some cinnamon powder before mixing it all up.

6. Put a piece of bread into the toaster, letting it become crisp at the sides, browning edges but still white in the center.

7. Slather the banana mix all over the toast and sink your teeth in.

8. Tell me you love me in the comments.


1 comment:

r.alsharif said...

Try apples with cinnamon, I love eating pie filling randomly it's so good!


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