Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good, Nice, Bad?

I've seen so many statements/opinions regarding this particular finnicky subject. It is a topic that some might say mysterious or plain ludicrous. What matter is it? Well, some might term it as:

What kind of a guy does girls want.

I'm sticking to that. Using my birth right as a woman, I can confidently answer that for me, I have no freakin idea.

To put it in a simple context, let's put aside the physical part and touch on one section which I've read like, a trillion times in the mags I read.

Good guys vs Bad boys.

Le sigh.

How do I put it? Well, everything that is written after this is purely Hanis' opinion so do not bash me. I don't even have a specific body type that I like in a guy. Its the person itself as a whole that attracts me.

First of all, I've read on some guys complaining how being the good guy has made them ended up being friendzoned by the very girl who bitched on how she wants a good guy who won't break her heart like the last asshole.

Hmm. There's the good guy and there's the nice guy. There's a thin line between those two. Its as fine as the line between the girl who's saving herself and the virginal prude.

Does that put the point across clearly?

I'm not dissing nice guys but sometimes, they can be such sticks in the mud. Let me give you an example.

Girl: Oh, B is a good guy. <--- Read how she says good, as in giving approval of his core character.

Girl: Oh, C is a nice guy. <--- Yawn. Nice. Friendzoned level 99.

I think most girls want that guy to be a mixture of both good and bad. Yes, some even nurse the fantasy of taming the bad boy.

Pfffft. Honey, stop watching those movies and reading those romance novels. That ain't happening.

Come to think of it, some girls want the bad boy as a way of rebelling. Or a way to know the other side of the fence. *shrugs* I never got into those bad ass guys. Unless its Draco Malfoy.

Maybe a girl just want a good guy who is rebelling slightly. Who might open up her eyes to the world. Who'll take her hand and lead her into adventures she herself is afraid of starting on alone.

But yes, being too nice does get you friendzoned. Don't be a jerk by telling your girl friend to stfu when she's bitching about the asshole. Just perhaps, tell her to listen to herself and do something about it. Like, bitching to the asshole before dumping his ass.

You'll get more respect that way and hey, she might look at you differently. No guarantees.

Now this is perhaps something I've never admitted to anyone but I see the appeal in a guy who might be just a bit fucked up. That .. novelty. That "I can help him." feeling. God. Its addictive. I've been through it. No, you won't be the love of his life. You'll just be another girl. Or at most, the girl who helped him move on before finding the love of his life (which is so not you).

Well, that's it. Oh, what kind of guy I want? I told you. I have no freakin idea. But I can say that he has to be prepared to take me to all of the Disney theme parks. Of course not in one go. Silly.


Mark said...

Well it really does seem to vary from girl to girl, but there is a difference between a nice guy and a good guy. Nice ones get friendzoned, good ones have more of a chance. Though people still have fantasies of escaping the friendzone. Though there are some girls you can't push to leave the asshole even if she hates him, that's something I've had shoved down my throat recently. When you can work out what you want in a guy, you can try to find him. Or you can start looking now. What you want in a guy could be what the next guy you talk to has. I'm trying to avoid talking about what I like in someone because the subject is what girls want.

Hanis. said...

@Mark: I know what you mean about girls who can't just leave that asshole. I was one of them once upon a time*shudders*

I have this belief that once you go all "I want this, this and this in a guy" you might just get the opposite.

One thing you like in a guy, you might just hate it in another. I think it depends on the person as a whole.

Oh do tell me, I tried asking Mokesart but all he told me was "Mokesart is a good guy".


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