Thursday, March 15, 2012

Session Four.

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

My future husband. Haha.

Well, to make this sound so cliche, I'm looking forward to see the person who will help bring out the best in me, and who will go to all the Disney theme parks with me.

I mean

What is your favorite form of exercise?

For now, I like walking. Walking until my legs feel funny. Until I can feel the drops of sweat sliding down my back. Its much easier to get ready for a walk, compare to go swimming. I still like swimming, but for now, walking first.

Why my last relationship ended.

Official relationship or non official?

Haha. Relationship can be between two friends, or two people who ... adore the other.

Distance. Difference. Lies. It was doomed from the start.

Enough said.

Favorite football club.

Erm, well, I don't really watch football.

Concerts I've been to.

Other than my brother's concert back in pre-school, none. Mama won't let me I don't like crowds. Even the thought of spending my money on a ticket.... Well. Yeah. I might go to one one day but who knows.

Now I think of it, I would rather lie in bed with the air conditioning on, heavy rain outside with my earphones on, my favourite songs playing while reading a book. Tell me that doesn't sound just as fun, and cheaper.

Your reflection in the mirror

I see a smile that shows a hint of straight teeth. I see a full face with acne scars (and some acne). I see dark brown eyes that crinkle at the sides when I smile. I see black hair darker than my black t shirt. I see a glint of the necklace Mama gave me as a child. I see longing. Hope. Desire. I see me.


few unnecessary stuff said...

Loved the way u described how you see yourself in mirror n yeah walking involves less effort than swimming in terms of changin n all :P :D agree

Mark said...

I did love the way you described yourself as well. I think we're all waiting for someone like that.

Lioness Without A Pride said...

Haniiiiiiiiis I love these. I am going to steal your questions and answer them myself. Thought you should know :P Email me that link, if you can. The one where you get all these questions from. Thank you!


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