Friday, March 30, 2012

Ideal Place.

Prompt No Seventeen.

I see a room with hardwood flooring. Dark but not shiny. I see a big window with a lovely lovely lovely window seat. Cushions, perfect lighting. You can open the seat and see the books stored in it, mostly historical romances.

The carpet would be lush and thick. Creamy white. One would just love to dig their toes in while standing there. There would be two big cushions there, for one to lie on for a nap with the sun filtering in through the lace curtains.

Two of the walls would have floor to ceiling shelves. With the books categorised alphabetically, most showing their wears and tears through years of rereading. There would be one of those ladders that you can push around, to reach the higher shelves.

The walls would be this pretty olive green with framed puzzles that will glow in the dark. There would be a big one of Pooh and friends, camping. I'll probably put up another of the constellations.

The room would have this great surround system so I can just sit anywhere and listen to that song over and over. Just one click of a button and the sweet melody will play.

I see a beautiful wooden desk. Something with secret drawers. The light from the window behind would give the perfect mood for one to write.

If I ever get tired, there's the lovely cream sofa bed. Pillows, duvet. With a bedside table that has a notebook and pen on it.

Its a room where sometimes, you'll get tempted to slide across the floor in your stockings. Where you'll lounge in your pajamas while eating that biscuit you just baked. The room where you'll lose yourself in a plot.

Now, wouldn't that be perfect?

1 comment:

Mark said...

It sounds pretty perfect but don't forget to get extra copies of books for when they wear.


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