Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodbye March.

First of all, there's a poll on the right side of the screen. I'll be grateful if you answered it. Thank you.

I just finished reading Carol Goodman's Incubus. Its a book where the cover might make you think it falls into those fantasy young adult genre which is really popular right now. Well, its a bit different. Darker. Not about destiny or true love.

It has a slow start but I got hooked after the first hundred pages. I like it. I finished it with regret. The ending was bittersweet. Something I might recommend to people. Under "Books that might change a small small part of you".

Its the end of March and I got a test coming up for a subject I'm still clueless about. I've tried doing the problems and I usually end up with this WTF look on my face. The calculations are simple but getting the theory and what it actually want is the hard part.

Last week, I managed to get one of them correct, after putting it aside for few times, over the span of 2 days. I got really giddy and texted a classmate with my boasting of it.

Moving on from that, I bought 5 books last weekend at this warehouse sale of 2nd hand books. I spent twelve ringgit for them, which is about one third the cost for a brand new one. I might do a post on them one day, once I read those romance and mystery novels.

They're on my bookcase, waiting for me to pick one of them up. When I haven't read a new book in some time, I'll devour one when I get my hands on it. But when I have plenty of them, I'll be taking my own sweet time (Thinks of the copy of Under the Dome by Stephen King which is partially read).

March has been ... hectic. Its good for some, blergh for others. Its better than my February, that I can say. Haha. What have you done with your March?


PurpleMist. said...

Voting for the poll was hard because I wanted to choose ALL the options :/

Incubus is in my to-read list!

Wow, 5 books for rm12, that's amazing. I went to a Popular book sale and got 3 great books for a little less than rm50. I was happy with that since without the sale, the cost of those books would be over rm100.

March has passed by way too fast for me. I didn't do much. Just started volunteering at an orphanage and took some driving lessons. If I pass my test on wednesday, I'll get my license :D

Mark said...

My March hasn't been that bad. Well, it was, but it's ending not too badly. Well done on getting the problems in the end, and good luck continuing that trend.

Anonymous said...

My February was better than my March. But April is looking good so far.

I voted for 'places to visit' because I'm big on geography and world travel. At least I would be if I had any money.

Hope you have a great April!


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