Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Session Five.

Favourite song of the moment.

Haven't you heard,
I'm stuck on a verse,
I'm stuck on a boy,
Who fills me with joy.

Kate Walsh- Your Song.

I don't listen to this song over and over. But I hum it in class while taking down notes. It doesn't represent my current emotional state but the melody is so sweet.

And he doesn't know,
Just how far I would go,
Just to kiss him,
He doesn't know,
How I pine.

At what age did you become an adult?

Hmm. I'm still halfway, I think.

Do you consider yourself to be lazy?

Yes. I prove that with my last minute studying, my last minute struggle to finish my work. I also prove it with my ugly notes. I cringe at giving them to people because I'm sure they'll cringe at it.

Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with.

I have this fear of revealing myself to someone and then being judged. There's so many layers to me and yes, the people that know most of them are my exes and Mokesart.

No, we're not together

So, the last deep conversation I had was most probably with .. Mokesart. Surprise. What was it about? Hmmm. Must be something to do with one of my insecurities.

Why him? He doesn't judge. He listens. He tries to understand. God. Yes, page him if you need someone to talk to. Just don't mention that you like Katy Perry/Taylor Swift/Lady Gaga.

5 things you want/ need to buy.

Just for the fun, I'm splitting this into two lists, possible with current budget and possible with imaginary budget.

First List
One- That pretty pretty pair of flats I saw the other day. If only they come with a slight heel. I'm stuck between the black, the violet and the purple ones.

Two- I was watching Glee last week when I saw uinn wearing this plain headband with this big-ish black flower on the side. It looked so pretty. I'm now on a mission to buy a headband with a smaller flower. Never mind that I'll be wearing it at home only but a girl still wants to be pretty.

Three- I have a love for facial masks and hair masks. Nothing makes me feel more spoiled when I'm wearing one.

Four- Books. I just bought 5 used books during the weekend. But books aren't something you can put a limit to.

Five- Soy bean milk. I have a hankering for some. Cold.

Second List

One- More books. Unlimited.

Two- One of those high tech phones that look just the same to me. Mainly for the games.

Three- Ebook reader. I know, I love books but well, sometimes an ebook reader is much lighter in my bag while being filled with plenty and plenty of ebooks that I currently have in my laptop.

Four- Ticket to somewhere I want to go. I'm not sure where to but do include the travelling plans budget in there.

Five- New keyboard. Or new laptop.

Weird things you do when you're alone.

Daydream, which is most of where my ideas for stories/poetry come from. I don't know if anything I do classifies as weird.

A book you want to read/have recently read.

Since I already did a post of book reviews, I'll answer this one with a book I want to read. My first idea for my answer would be the tenth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. If I'm not mistaken, its going to come out sometime this year.

But then, something wild came to my mind. I would really really like to read another Harry Potter book. May it be the 8th one or one about the generation before. Yes, some of you might think "God, another one." but I just love that series.

What do you want to major in?

*pretends I'm still in high school*

I want to major in Creative Writing.

*is back in reality, final year of university*

If someone tells me I can't do what I'm currently doing, I'll be doing something Economics wise. Or Finance. Which might just put me in the School of Business.

*is in a perfect world*

Sexuality Studies seems .. fun.

When was the last time you were nervous?

Hmmm. While waiting for my results. I tend to overthink them and always end up convincing myself I've failed everything.


Mark said...

I'm now wondering if there is actually a sexuality studies class...I actually never really thought of you as a lazy person either.

Hanis. said...

@Mark: There is. My friend is studying in San Francisco and she's minoring in it. Haha, really? Wow. Well, I'am. Just ask my mom. Or Mokesart.

He'll tell you that I'll ask for the link to his latest post because I don't feel like typing "p" in the url box.


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