Friday, August 24, 2012

Eid 2012: Part One.

I'm weeping that my current phone is an old phone that can only text at the moment. If only my other phone was working, I would be able to take pictures for this post.

This is how Eid celebrations went for me.

First Day

Woke up at 6am to help Mama finish up her cooking. The day before we cooked up a storm aka:

Tomato Rice

Beef Curry

Ketupat (steamed glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk with some kind of beans, wrapped in banana leaves)

Ayam Masak Merah (Red Chicken which is a tasty dish cooked with plenty of lemongrass, onions, spices and blended dried chillies which results in the thick red gravy)

We then spent half the day at my aunt's house with the whole family aka a mere 17 person party.

Second Day

Was in the car at 10am, ready for the 4 hours journey and armed with snacks in the back seat, I slide on my sunnies and took a long nap. We arrived at my grandma's and had such a tasty lunch of white rice, beef soup (with the bones and all) with a spicy spicy dip of bird peppers chopped up in prawn paste liquid.

That night, we visited one of Mama's cousin whose husband's died 5 days before Ramadan :( He was fine the day before but died in his sleep. *a moment of silence*

Third Day

We were out of the house by 10am, heading to Mama's schoolfriend's house. It was at a new neighbourhood made of small bungalows which cost the same as a way smaller middle house over here where I live. The disadvantage of living in one of Malaysia's most developed areas.

We then headed to Mama's youngest uncle's house before heading to her second youngest sister's house for a tasty lunch of chicken noodle soup, where we met my cousin, her husband and daughter. We were then invited to Mama's second brother's house which is about 40 minutes away.

Yes, Mama is the 3rd of 8 kids.

At this uncle's house, it was a big reunion of 5 of those 8 kids where we feasted on satay, Pai Tees with a twist (peanut sauce instead of chilli) and caramel pudding with a lychee infusion.

And we weren't done yet because we (us and the second youngest aunt's family) headed to a cousin's house whose known for her great cooking, big house and big family (where they speak at the top of their voices). We then ended the day with visiting Mama's other brother who had the cutest cats ever.

More to come.

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Laila N Mysis said...

I miss visiting the big family :') It sounds like you had a DELICIOUS Eid - I just ate kebabs, and yet, reading through all the feasts you ate (stuff I've never heard of, might I add), my stomach growls.

My stomach does not like you now. At all.

My condolences for your uncle :/ But it's nice that he went in his sleep, right? :) I hope you have many more awesome days to come. And you've titled this PART ONE. Wowzer x)


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