Thursday, August 30, 2012

Karma of the Haircut.

I've learnt a very important lesson today.

If you're ever tempted to tell your brother/friend/someone that their new haircut adds on a pound to their face, you might just end up with a haircut that has a similiar effect.

The story goes like this:

My hair is wavy. With mostly curls at the ends which reminds me of the ocean waves. Yes, I'm proud of my hair. From experience, long hair suits me because before a certain length, my hair looks puffed up. Also, never ever try to lessen the thickness of my hair.

No, its not overly thick but enough for me to get suggestions from my hairdresser, every single time.

The main problem with my long hair is that .. it sheds. Enough to make Mama go on about it that this morning when I woke up, Dad told me to get a haircut. I kicked up a fuss before finally relenting, telling myself that I'll just get a trim to deal with the split ends.

But from experience, that never happen.

Hairdresser: You have such lovely hair.

Me: Thank you, but it got split ends and I think its damaged because it keeps falling.

Hairdresser: How short are you thinking?

AND this is the problem.

I clearly indicated around 3 inches.

She then did that water spraying thing, combing my hair which straightens-ish the curls. She then, started snipping on the back while making small talk. By the time she came to snip on the side, she made this remark:

"Your hair is pretty healthy. Its all shiny."

That was like cold water thrown all over me. If she had told me that before she started snipping, I would have told her to perhaps, make it 2 inches.

And then ... she snipped and snipped. And my hair started to dry, becoming shorter.

I went in with hair down to the middle of my back. I came out with my curls resting on my shoulders.

I look like a 23 year old Dora the Explorer.

3 inches became 4-ish. That's plenty. Is this miscalculation a universal thing with all hairdressers?

Or am I just that unlucky?


cricketfreak said...

Awww. Poor you.
I always keep my hair slightly below shoulder length because any longer than that and it looks and feels really thin. And with shoulder length hair its pretty much wash and wear.

Hanis. said...

I try to keep my hair below my shoulders. I went through a short hair phase which lasted 4 years, to my horror. I'am now hoping for a fast hair growth rate.

Mark said...

I try to keep my hair behind my shoulders although it's got a mind of it's own and if I don't tie it back then it ends up in front of me somehow and I really have no idea how that happens. Last time I got it cut I told them shoulder length, and it turned out great really. I think you can't say in terms of inches or they just get it wrong.

Randomhyper. said...

The Dora the Explorer comment made me LOL. And it's universal, trust me. The only hairdressers that listen are the designer ones. I once went to one, who was giving free haircuts as pat of a promotion package, and he cut my hair exactly the way I wanted it. Before that, it's always been 2 inches=God-knows-how-many inches for the hairdressers. :/

It's universal.

Fleur Chelsea said...

I don't have curly hair but the hairdresser always cuts my hair way more than I indicate her... It sucks... but it will grow back :) maybe she was just amaze by how healthy your hair is (looking at the bright side)

Laila N Mysis said...


I am sorry to laugh, not really actually, but this is indeed a Universal Hairdresser Thing. It took me two different hairdressers (and okay, my parents too... DON'T LET PARENTS CUT YOUR HAIR.) to realise you cannot have 'just a trim', or even a clear indication - they will always hack it off. They love using the scissors, it's an extension of their arm, and I think they secretly envision each strand to be the person they most hate, so they can just keep cutting and cutting and cutting....

.... yeah. I never trusted hairdressers again -_-'

PurpleMist. said...

Oh gosh, that sucks :/
You're not alone though, this has happened to me on several occasions too!
I can't have short hair because I already look too youg for my age, and with short hair I look even younger! (Basically I'm 18 and with short hair I look like I'm 12 -.-)

Hanis. said...

@Mark: And I never learn. This is why I let my hair grow long and long before having half of it chopped off.

@Random: I need to save money to go to a horribly expensive hairdresser. Haha. 2 inches can mean so much.

@Fleur: Haha, you're right. I can see that bright side but the shock was too big for me at first.The lady was so impressed by my hair, she cut more than she should.

@Laila: I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT PARENTS. My mom once realised she cut a bit more on the left side. In her effort to make it even, BOOM 3 INCHES GONE. She once even cut off a bit of my eyebrow. Since then, no more bangs for me.

And your theory, I agree.

@Purple: Hahaha. I always wish I can looook younger. >.>

Laila N Mysis said...

MY PARENTS ARE WORSE. Back in the day, they had this thing called 'the Diana Cut'. Now Princess Di's hair looks good on her, but... not on EVERYONE. Certainly not me, or my sister. I was traumatized as a child; I always looked like a Leetle Boy, and I could never join in the Piggy-Tail Club because my hair was never long enough -_-'

(Okay, fine, the Piggy Tail Club doesn't sound that great, but every girl in grade two was in it except me!)


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