Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh Results.

Usually, it will take uni about 5-6 weeks after finals end to release our results. This time around, surprise surprise, 3 weeks and they're sending emails to the students.


Well, once upon a time we had to check the Student Portal but that often crash at peak hours hence leading to loud complaints. Those complaints were heard so uni started to email out the results, starting from midnight.

This semester, it said we can view our results at 9am on the 3rd of August. Which meant the website would be available a day later 9 hours earlier, the students would be checking their email as if it was popping out Subway cookies.

I didn't get to sleep a wink until 3.30am. Even though the email arrived around 2.30am, I only checked my email 30 minutes later.

The room was dark, my hand shook as I clicked on the email. I saw my name, knowing from experience I need to scroll lower to see the dreaded results. The first thing I saw was my Grade Point Average (GPA) for the semester and my Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

The world stopped for one second before words of gratefulness spilled from my lips, a hand pressed against my heart as I looked at those figures again, again and again.

I then scrolled lower to look at my grades, eyes widening at disbelief at some of them, well all of them. I've correctly predicted 1 out of 7.

A B+ for Arabics 3 and I'm super proud of that since it is the torture of last semester.

The lowest grade this semester was a shocker, since its not that low and its for a subject I was sure I was getting an A- for. But noooo, I didn't get an A- for it.

All in all, I'm happy and super duper thankful for my results. My parents are happy and that makes the world happy.

Now, to find some cookies/chocolate to eat.


Mark said...

Cookies are nice but something like this calls for cake. You should always celebrate with cake. Congratulations on doing so well :) At least, I'm assuming you're doing well given how happy you are and your assertion there was only one bad grade.

PurpleMist. said...

Yay, CONGRATS! I'm so so happy for you. You deserve tonnes of chocolates and cookies :D

Laila N Mysis said...

J'adore your outlook :) Congratulations: I hope it'll be the same for me, just on finishing school ^^

You're a smart cookie x)


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