Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Confession No.38

I experienced a moment of jealousy.


jnana said...

No details? :P

Mark said...

We all have moments of jealousy, they're nothing to really get too upset over. If anything it can help push you to action if you know why it's happening.

Laila N Mysis said...

Don't we all? ^^ I think jealousy isn't the crime. It's brooding over it and acting maliciously on it that is :) I'd be more surprised if this was your Very First Moment of Jealousy.

(In fact, I'd be rather embarrassed too... ='_'= )

Hanis. said...

@jnana: Hahaha.Tis a long story.

@Mark: True. Yet, some things can't be corrected-ish.

@Layla: Hahaha. Oh I've been jealous of people. For their results, which makes me study more. But this time .. its a personal jealousy. Haha.


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