Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Week, Final Semester.

How my first week of my final semester went:


My degree is a 2 year program, 2.5 if you want to do the internship a second time but if you choose not to, you'll get 2 extra subjects. My class decided that doing industrial training once is hell enough so we have 86 credit hours to do in 4 semesters.

Maximum limit is 23 credit per semester and this semester is a mere 20 credit, a mere I say because it was 21, 23 and 22 for the previous semesters.

1. The first week was spent where out of 10 classes, there were only 3. Well, there were 4 but I skipped that one and got told by my class rep that the lecturer for the next subject will be teaching the next class.

Guess what happened.

I arrived at the classroom. It got freaking cancelled. Half of the class was already on their way.

Hanis: I think this is her revenge on us for not coming yesterday.

Friend: You think?

Hanis: Well, I'll do it if I'm a lecturer.

2. I've mentioned my FInal Year Project which is done in a group of 3, so being me I got my team set up by end of July. Ok, set up means I got a group. BUT THEN, the powers to be aka the lecturers decided that for this year, they're going to shake things up a bit.

First, we thought they were going to make the groups at random (Noooo) but apparently the lecturers didn't want the smart kids to group together because that would be unfair (I agree but my group is well balanced) so they went with this system:

The 17 kids with the highest CGPA would be group leaders so the other kids would form their groups around those leaders. Which caused a ruckus among the already formed groups.

My group? Well, I just need to be one of those seventeen and we'll be great.

But until that list comes out, we can't do anything. *sighs*

3. In preparation for this new semester, I have few tv shows and cartoons in a document labelled "Watch When Bored" because we all know that you need to watch Suits (great show) and do nothing for the final semester. (Don't listen to this advice).

And somehow, I also went crazy and downloaded more than 20 ebooks this weekend because my mind somehow thinks I'll be free to read them.

Or its just a way to motivate me in getting an ebook reader next February.

4. I'm disgusted by a seminar held in Malaysia where (urgh) *cringes* parents and teachers are taught on how to identify homosexual guys.


I'm ashamed.

Honestly. For two reasons.

One, those signs to detect, are so .. stupid. Stereotypes. And stupid.

Two, this is just going to make us a laughing stock. The best*sarcasm* part is that it is done by some Ministry and hence, it is a government action.

I had a rant with a friend about it yesterday. I think I've mentioned my stance on homosexuality and that is, just stop putting your nose in where you don't belong you haters.

Blergh. Mokesart wondered if Malaysians are as dumb and shallow as that one article. Sadly, most. If this post ends up being read by people who will hate me and call me a no good, useless Muslim/Malaysian, so be it. Bring it on.

I believe in treating people equally, as long as they're not some murdering/drug king/yakuza/etc individual. Yes, my religion dictates that some things are wrong, but the responses to those things are equally disgusting and wrong.

For example, A is a good member of his society. His mom says he's a wonderful son who takes care of his parents etc. BOOM, they find out he's gay and suddenly he's bound for hell, a shame upon his family and deserves to die.


Blergh. I'm not going to link up the articles mentioning the seminar but I'm sure you'll find it in Google.

For more on my stance on same sex loving, read this.


Laila N Mysis said...

*shrug* I'm not the judge, don't think it's my duty to punish, so although I don't like it, and my personal feelings about it are not pretty like people advocate, I - well, in your words - don't stick my nose in it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's a duty of a Muslim to spread the message, make sure everyone hears it. If someone chooses to swing that way, we tell them it's wrong. Then you leave it, because that's your duty fulfilled, and the rest is between them and God?

That being said, this seminar... O.O That's... well.. um... yeah, a leetle strange. And desperate. Actually sounds like something out of a book, y'know, one you'd laugh at :P

I don't know if I can compare high school education to your uni education, but I'm (regretfully) heading down the same path, all intentions to study and plenty of distraction.

Hanis. said...

Exactly. I mean that about your "Once I tell them its wrong, that is my duty and just that."

Most people don't see that. They see that is is their duty to make that person go back to being "normal"

So many distractions. I want to read them allll.

Mark said...

You actually have classes on how to recognise homosexuals? Well I'll avoid ranting, you've done it for me :) But I will say "wow". Something like that actually exists...huhhhhhh...

Hanis. said...

They're not mine. Its held somewhere, for idiots. For assholes. For narrow minded jerks.

It is a waste of money.


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