Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Don't Get It: Teeth.

Why are people so open to making "appearances advices such as to fix their hair, clothes, complexion, weight, etc but when I commented that a celebrity or stranger should get braces, I get stared at as if I'm supporting Size 0 models?

And be told that they're happy with what they naturally got when they're wearing make up, perfumes, get their hair done etc.


Wearing braces for straight teeth is not just for vanity, it improves your bite which in turn prevent future pain. Unlike getting your hair straightened/curled/coloured, where its mostly for vanity. Its just like you losing weight for health.


Mark said...

I actually didn't know people got like that with teeth. It does seem oddly silly to say that people should be happy with how their teeth are, but do promote making their appearance as fake as possible.

jnana said...

On the contrary, I think fixing teeth is more important than, suppose, fixing nose shapes.

Laila N Mysis said...

Well said :) That is all.

Hanis. said...

@Mark: Its kinda funny and makes me go " .. wtf" but some people likes to think their teeth's natural state is quirky.

@jnana: Hahahaha. Well, unless the nose is deformed and blocks your breathing.

@Layla: :)

chimidama said...

oh hanis. that's so true.

I should have get my teeth wired, long time ago. It's been hard brushing my teeth and make sure there's no food left..just eww..

Voice Of Reason said...

HAHAHAHA. Imperfect teeth is probably how those people connect to those celebrities. Caz if they're celebrities they HAVE to look good but somehow they must also have the perfect yet imperfect air about them, which makes not getting braces okay.


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