Saturday, September 8, 2012

That Pre-Final Semester Post.

I'll be starting my last semester on Monday. 4 subjects + Final Year Project = Crazy Hanis. Considering I had 7 subjects every semester for the last 3 semesters, this might be an easy peasy time, right?

No. That Final Year Project is 30% of my total GPA for the coming sem which means that if I fuck that up, I'll need a freaking A for those 4 subjects and that its not a guarantee that my grades won't be ruined.

*has a mild mild panic attack*

*takes a paper bag, breathes into it*

I'll be fine, hopefully. But to stop myself from getting into another panic attack, I'll fill this post with the ebooks I've read lately.

Since the 15th of July, I've read a minimum of 12 books. Few weeks ago, I bought 3 books. Few days ago, I went on an ebook downloading spree. OH BOOKS , YOU ARE MY SALVATION.

I just finished reading Room by Emma Donoghue which is a refreshing read. My advise? Do not read anything as in Wiki, don't even google the book because reading it without knowing what its about makes the book much better.

Its a mere 180-ish pages, which was quite a relief because before that, I was reading the Empire trilogy by Raymond E Feist. Each book was 600-ish pages which resulted in a total of 1800-ish pages.

I first read this trilogy at age ... 14 and I fell in love with the books. Its set in another world, but nothing toooo complicated like some books *coughs*LOTR*coughs* which makes it perfect. There's not much magic, tons of cunning politics that are played around the concept of honour and the Wheel of Life.

Which reminds me, I got to reread two trilogy by Trudi Canavan.

Speaking of rereading, I'm reading Mario Puzo's The Family which I read ... when I was either 14 or 15. Now, this book is interesting but a bit slow. I'm still on page 90-something from 300-ish. After this, I'm gonna reread the Trudi Canavan's trilogies and start on another one.

*sighs happily*

If I can make a living out of reviewing books. (I know I can but yeah)

Note: If any of you are interested in reading any of those ebooks or want to know where you can get some great ebooks, message me through this link right here.

I know, most people who read goes all:

Ebooks ain't books.

Correction. Well, thanks to ebooks, I can read more books than what my budget and the poorly stocked library allows me too. I'll never stop buying real books, but ebooks will still be a great part of my collection.

*hopes to get a Kindle next year*

Think of it this way, you'll help the environment in some way. And if you're complaining about the screen, some of those ebook readers got some pretty nifty features to help with that.

Long live reading.

Oh oh, I'll be posting a short story on my other blog tommorow (once Mokesart edits all the ugly mistakes) and according to him, he likes it. So, await the announcement on that.

Last post I read: This wonderful one by a lovely lovely person concerning beauty.


Mark said...

I am with you on ebooks. I used to think they were killing books, but they're making it far more accessible. I still prefer real books, but I'm not going to complain about ebooks. I also love Trudi Canavan's Black Magician Trilogy. Make sure to read it!

jnana said...

I so agree that reading books without any introduction makes them so much more enjoyable.

I liked Room, although it left me with this lump in my throat that didn't leave easily :(

Izzy Hilliard said...

Good luck with this year! It's all going to be fine.

Juli said...

Oh, how I wish I had that much time to read. I am delaying buying the next game of thrones as it is over 1000 pages and I know I'll never be able to put it down. :)

Hanis. said...

@Mark: I've read that trilogy! And I loved it. I downloaded the books recently cause I'm gonna reread it.

@jnana: Aww. Its a sad book. For me, Jack's innocent way of seeing things is what made the book unique.

@Izzy:Thank you <3 I hope so.

@Juli: Hahaha. Maybe you can choose a long weekend, devote it to the book and come out bleary eyed, not enough sleep + sunlight.

Laila N Mysis said...

I hate the saving the planet argument! There is no way around it! It always makes me feel soooo guilty -_-' But the real reason why I like books in paper is because I've always had this desire to have my own personal library. You know like in those old-fashioned houses, they have those cosy little rooms stocked to the ceiling? With the fireplaces?

*sigh* The fireplaces.

& I'm putting this Empire trilogy on my to-read - sounds epic x)

That being said, keep up the breathing: I can't exactly promise good grades, but you seem to be a hard worker, I'm sure whatever effort you put it SHOULD pay off. I think you'll keep panicking anyway, it's only natural, but I feel compelled to remind you anyway (:

(And thanks for that mention... =^_^= I'm honoured, truly *sends some virtual hugs and cookies* )


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