Monday, September 17, 2012

Talking Over Coffee.

This morning, I sat on a comfy chair at the nearby Starbucks with my Dark Mocha in hand while my friend tells me how people should accept that around the world there are different ways of doing things/thinking.

We then moved from one topic to another, like a butterfly visiting a garden of flowers.

A rose- How tempting a program my uni is offering where they'll sponsor students to do their Master and PhD before being binded to them as a lecturer for a number of years.

A gardenia- About her starting work next month. And my plans to work once I graduate.

A bougainvillea- How people act as if sex is still a taboo around here.

A chrysanthemum- The way people think around here. The whole student loan debacle. The fact that people nowadays lack the basic common sense that makes a person.

A lily- Ebooks and where I get my supply from.

A daisy- My neutral standing on a debacle concerning my uni that happened few years ago.

A violet- How we should go to Rio one day.

A carnation- How I should take Mama's flirting advice. What advice? Go for it, take charge.

This all happened between alternate sips of my drink and mineral water from my pretty bottle. 3 hours.

I enjoyed this morning very much because the topics are not something I can talk freely with my friends. We usually talk about old school friends, boys and just gossip. It does get boring after a while.

Why didn't I spend my time more with this friend? Well, she's been away studying abroad for the last 3 years. Which is why everytime I'm going out somewhere since June is with her.

My parents seem understanding because back in our school days, we went out together so many times.

This perhaps came at a time where I've been trying to loosen some friendships since earlier this year. There might be accusation that I've dumped them with her return.

No, its been in motion for a while now.

As she said to me:

"Have we changed too much or have we just outgrown them?"

Beats me.


Laila N Mysis said...

I really like how you set this out; it's very pretty. I mean no offence, but the boring things look interesting when you name them with flowers.

(I call them boring, only because I have no idea what some are about, and I'm too lazy to look them up ^^ I'm being a bratty teenager)

Mark said...

The one where you get funded in return for becoming a lecturer doesn't sound too bad at all. At least, if you want to become a lecturer. It's great to have someone to talk about all this stuff with too. I tend to do it over alcohol instead of coffee, but it's also weird and fun to talk to someone you can talk about anything and everything with, and just watch how the conversation changes.

jnana said...

Garden of flowers analogy- great!

Hanis. said...

@Laila: Haha, you'll get to an age where you'll find those things interesting.

@Mark: I'm not a patient person. I can imagine seeing myself locking the door 10 minutes after class starts and so on. And the thought of studying my degree to a higher level .. its not appealing. I'm thinking of switching majors if I ever plan to study more.

@jnana: :D Thank you, it make things a bit more interesting.


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