Wednesday, May 29, 2013

29th May 2013, Morning.

7.37 am

I'm currently nursing a lukewarm bitter cup of coffee. My breakfast sits guiltily in my tummy, the crumbs dusting my black hijab. Like stars in the country night sky.

The lady in front of me sliced her Sausage Egg McMuffin into two before adding an obscene amount of sugar and creamer into her tea. Looking at her dainty way of eating, it is clear she has perfected the art of eating slowly. A trickle of envy mixed with the guilt because I have always been the type to gobble up my food.

I wonder how long today's appointment woukd be. I remind myself of the questions I need to ask. I wonder if the coffee is making my teeth a different colour. I wonder of another way to write the second half of the dedication.

The lady in front of me offers to get me my free refill of coffee. I fall in like with this stranger at the promise of more caffeine in my veins. More obscene amount of creamer in her tea.

I wonder since when I made the transformation to a coffee drinker from a tea drinker. Maybe after my first sip of Dark Mocha from Starbucks. Maybe after a barista friend trained my tongue to be more accepting of bitterness.

I keep stirring my coffee, resisting the urge to take a picture of it for Instagram.


I wonder how Mokesart is doing. I wonder of the New York Crumb cake I made last night. A cake I have never heard of until I went on Google for simple cakes to bake. Mama didn't want Lemon Vanilla cake. Or Honey Vanilla cake. Or anything with lemon or honey. And I'm on my no chocolate baking attempt.

The dainty lady bids me goodbye.

I added my second packet of sugar, remembering how a year ago, I had to put in four packets of both sugar and creamer to make the coffee drinkable. I wonder if exchanging the sugar for honey would make it better.

A new Facebook status: Release date of new chapter of life? Tomorrow.

A Facebook message from Mokesart. A reply to my complaint of the taste of ginger in my Sausage Egg McMuffin.

New name for restaurants/cafes: Omnomnom places.

I see a guy whose flowery wallet peeks out from his back pocket. He takes out his Galaxy Note (wild guess based on size) and it too have a flowery casing.

8.07 am

My thoughts are fully on Tyler Knott Gregson. I wonder if one can fall in love with another's works?

8.40 am

As usual, arrived 25 minutes early to the appointment area. Decided to get my 3rd cup of coffee in 90 minutes at Burger King. This cup smells strong, steam swirling up as I add in sugar and creamer. A stir. Another.

The flat screen tv is showing a local football match. I'm the only person in here. 12 more minutes before it is time to head out.

Amount of sips taken: 0

I think I will have enough caffeine running rampant in me for a student pulling an all nighter for an important paper.

8.48 am

I wonder if I can ask for a cup of ice. Oh wait, if I put on the cap, it doesn't spill. I think I have spent 11 ringgit just for breakfast. Darn it. There goes my honey milk tea budget.

8.55 am

Move it.

10.06 am

Waiting for the slow train. If it follows schedule, it will be here in 3 minutes. Why can't they set up air conditioning in here. I hear a train approaching. Oh. The announcement. Line up people. My bag is heavy. The paper bag has two files, a 600 ml oh there is the train.

10.09 am

Right on track. The train just pulled out from the station. The honey milk tea is beside me, cool and sinful. In front of me is a girl in a black and white striped cardigan. She is hugging a black and white checkered bag. I feel dizzy looking at her.

Should I listen to some music?


Just don't sing along Hanis.

10.16 am

I see Eli's office. Dad's.

I'm listening to the song I danced to last night in my room. Door locked, air conditioning on, ready to shower and I danced to the chorus.

I should look into the band's other songs.

Song repeat.

10.29 am

Posted another Tyler Knott Gregson work on instagram. As I said, I'm in love with him.
I plan to write a post about him. I even wrote a lil envy longing filled piece of poetry.

10.32 am

Train stop ahead.

10.51 am

Apparently, its hard to get a phone under 100 ringgit that has bluetooth. I'm sitting on a bench in a mall, waiting for Mama. I saw a casing for my phone earlier. It had a modified Starbucks logo where it now says Star Wars and has a picture of a droid. I want it so badly.

Its funny how Star Wars related products tickle my fancy because I'm not that big of a fan. But as lil bro said, I look like Jabba the Hut's mail order bride in my official graduation picture. I also once saw a casing where it had "Keep Ca and be Han Solo" at the back.

In a private joke I once shared, my porn star name should be Han Solo. Now, its no longer private.

11.01 am

Sweet honey milk tea. I love you. Just posted on Mokesart's wall that I want a Star Wars related phone casing for my birthday.

10.40 am

Mom picked me up 15 minutes ago.

I wrote all of this on the notepad app on my phone this morning to occupy myself the spare time I have as I wait for an appointment.


Launna said...

You had a busy day, I never learned to like or drink coffee... I only drink tea and that is at work... I do like it though:)

Laila N Mysis said...

I love honey. I donno if I've said it before, but I've had honey in tea and coffee as a replacement for sugar. Works well with tea... works okay sometimes with coffee. Think it depends on the type of honey.

I think I may have missed some of your posts :/ I'm sorry, this is a busy week, and I foolishly follow too many blogs for me to keep up with :/

Kyla said...

Well, that was a more interesting diary entry than I've see before. Sounds like a busy day. Thanks so much for sharing!

ishashime said...

This is really interesting! Really lets us into your thoughts during those moments.


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