Saturday, May 18, 2013

Meeting Noelle. Squee.

After four years of chatting online, I finally met Noelle last Tuesday. We were supposed to meet on Saturday but conflicting schedules led to Tuesday, at KL Sentral. Which is this amazing train station, where you can change to another train system on the way of buying a yummy Subway cookie. I already made plans to see her when I got a phone call from a certain company that required me to set back my date an hour but it was fine.

We chose to met up at Subway, and I'm pretty sure the workers there were staring daggers into my back because I sat there for 30 minutes without buying anything. My defense is that every time I plan to buy a cookie, you had a super long line. 

Via text, Noelle kept me updated on when she will be arriving and I have to admit, there were a bit of  squealing when we first saw each other. It felt surreal.

Our first picture together, taken by Noelle's cute friend, Rose.

Somewhere in KL Sentral.

Our last picture together, before I had to catch the train back home.

And of course we exchanged gifts. Noelle gave me quite an amazing hoard, especially since she just went to Korea in April and perhaps she remembered my weakness for face masks.

From bottom left clock wise:
A beautiful little bag, a very cute pencil case (which I will use right away), Facemasks: herbal, golden pear, strawberry and snail (yes, snail), dried mangoes and banana hand choux cream.

And here is Noelle in the abaya I bought for her in Medina. I also have one of this pattern, because when I found it, I thought it was very very pretty and need to get one for myself too.

Dear Noelle, it was fun meeting you and we have to meet again, let's not take another four years for the next meet.


Mark said...

It's awesome you got to meet up with a friend after four years :) There are some people I think I'd like to meet so it's always nice to read stories of it actually happening. Here's hoping the next one doesn't take four years.

Kashaf A. said...

I want to meet you, too Hanis! But i live in Pakistan. Sigh.

Noelle said...

Next time, fly to Greece or the Philippines so we can meet again :)

Laila N Mysis said...

Snail face mask? .... Snail?

... SNAIL?!?!

*gulps* I donno if you're insane or brave.

Anyhow, it looks like you had fun, I hope it doesn't take you four years to get together again either x)

Kyla said...

I'm so glad you got to run into someone from the past. I run into people from my past quite regularly (it's a small area and people rarely seem to actually leave it) so I have little to compare this to, but I think it's awesome to see someone I haven't seen in a long time.

I hope you both liked your gifts. :)

Furree Katt said...

This is so lovely!


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